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I have just released a huge update for this mod and wanted to share with you guys what I've been workig on this past month...

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In my early days of modding all I really focused on was the names of things such as castles and villages etc. And to be honest I think a lot of people thought that was kinda lame. However later I did start working on textures and a lot of people liked that better. But now I will make another step up. For the past month I have been watching boring modding tutorials on how to edit scenes. So after a couple weeks of watching tutorials I decided to try it myself and it was a success. I created a whole new Arkan Castle As well as villages, and other Arkan Castles and much more and so today I am going to release what is probably going to be the biggest update I have ever released. Version 23! So below i have provided Images of all my work over the past month. As well as links to the new download.

Also Recently I just started up a YouTube channel so heres the link to that:

Latest Version (Version 23)


Images of Arkan Castle:

Load 1

Load 2

Load 6

Load 7

Load 8

Load 9

Images of Arkan West:



Images of Arkan East:



Images of Swadian Arkan Castle:




Images of Nordic Arkan Castle:


Hope you guys like it!

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