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Aristeia version 1.1 have been released! Aristeia is a vision of the trojan war era and is based on the famous story from the epic cycle from which the Iliad has secured its place among the most important works in western literature. Aristeia attempts to be an enjoyable stylised representation of the trojan war faithful to its depiction in archaic literature and early classical pottery.

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Below is a list of bug fixes in v1.1:-

V1.1 is not compatible with old save games.

A patch version is not provided, only the full installation.

1) Fixed missing Panchalkoi_NAchean texture

2) Removed Scouts (as I suspected the AI can use them to kill heroes)

3) Fixed Trojan horse not being able to enter settlement unless it is under siege.

4) Fixed Ram docking distances.

5) Aristeia trait fix

6) Peleus gloss map fixed

7) Anatolian hero now have dummy riders rather than swordsmen

8) Moved salamis starting diplomat onto the mainland

9) Added garrison for Naxos

10) Fixed "Trsusty" trait

11) Added hyperboreioi info card

12) Fixed all unit card errors

13) Fixed Hektor/paris description mess up

14) Changed water texture - more gold

15) Altered hero stats

16) Increased faction starting funds slightly (i never have a problem with the economy once i build a port and a trader, not willing to unbalance the game due to people's incompetence )

17) Altered unit balancing

18) Curiass capture trait removed.

19) Only 6tpy script now provided

20) Extra campaign music

21) Added Astyanax and Neoptolemos.

22) Added infertile trait to amazon general

23) Fixed error message which appeared on closing the game.


Installation Instructions

(note - if you have the steam version please read this topic)

Needless to say if you have the original version then navigate to your aristeia folder and move or delete it before installing this version.

1) Download the mod from the following links:-

Link 1 - Megaupload

Link 2 - Moddb

2) Install the mod to your "Rome - Total War" folder, usually located within your 'activision' or 'creative assembly' folders depending on what version of RTW you have.

3) Play the mod through the shortcut generated on your desktop after installation.

4) Come back to these forums with your feedback, screen-shots or any bugs you find after consulting the FAQ which I recommend you read while the download is in progress.

5) If you like the mod, feel free to rep me and the team.

6) Enjoy the mod! - I recommend saving before every battle where there are re-enforcements due to the RTW - Alexander bug which can cause crashes in these circumstances and the high frequency of reinforcement battles during the trojan war.

WARNING - If you use the auto-detect settings button then you may knock off the one-man units. If this happens navigate to your preferences file and change the unit_size property back to 40.

If you come across any bugs when playing the game please post them in our new bug thread.

With this my modding days are likely over and although I will support any sub mods and expansions made for aristeia (if any) I shall not be working on the mod any more just by myself. I will be around for a while to help with any questions, but really most big bugs have now been fixed and most other problems are down to personal circumstances like corrupt installation, or other installation errors which are usually covered in the FAQ and bug thread anyway. Hope y'all enjoy it. I shall no longer support any earlier version.

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