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Aristeia was released on the 23rd of February as an open beta.

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For more information on the mod and download links please visit the mod's forms here

A new version of Aristeia shall be released in the next few days complete with bug fixes, so some of you may want to wait for that.

Installation Instructions

(note - if you have the steam version please read this topic)

1) Download the mod from the following links:-
Spoiler Alert, click show to read:

Internet Wars

Please note there is a hotfix for the 6tpy script.

2) Install the mod to your "Rome - Total War" folder, usually located within your 'activision' or 'creative assembly' folders depending on what version of RTW you have.

3) Play the mod through the link generated on your desktop after installation.

4) Come back to these forums with your feedback, screen-shots or any bugs you find after consulting the FAQ and Known Issues list, both of which I recommend you read while the download is in progress.

5) If you like the mod, feel free to rep me and the team

6) Enjoy the mod! - I recommend saving before every battle where there are re-enforcements.

WARNING - If you use the auto-detect settings button then you may knock off the one-man units. If this happens navigate to your preferences file and change the unit_size property back to 40.

If you come across any bugs when playing the game please post them in our 'bug thread'.
If you have problems with the installation process please post in the 'installation problems' thread.

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