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I tell you why i haven't updated the mod in a while.

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Hello everyone. The reason i haven't been posting any news lately is:

  • I got bored and want to play Halo Reach
  • Getting permission for models is taking way too long.

Other than that i did post some pics of me rampaging in DC. My home City.


What i do need is some suggestions from you guys about the mod. So far i'm thinking of making all the vehicles in each faction be part of a brigade, except the Mega vehicles (AT-AT, Seismic tank) the problem is that the Rebels don't have a super vehicle during this time period, so what should i do? make another brigade with heavy firepower, or use a suggested model?

The other thing is that the CIS really doesn't have enough ground models on their side to make 3 brigades (seeing that each brigade consists of 2 or more different vehicles), and the only CIS ground vehicles are the Hailfire, Enforcer, AAT, MTT, and Seismic Tank so this is what i am proposing:

  • light assault brigade-MTT and AAT
  • Heavy assault Brigade- Hailfire with canderous (donated from DeathWatch
  • Medium assault Brigade- Enforcer with ?
  • Mega-Vehicle- Seismic Tank
  • Death watch replacement for Urai Fen (name?)

well please respond because i would like some advice. Well i'm off to play Reach!

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