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Baby Duka invites everyone who is interested in creating 2D action platformer levels to try out DASH for free in September. Create levels and watch content creators and other DASHers beat them! Live on stream!!

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September is up and Baby Duka is putting all effort into shaping the creative environment in the community, prior to the Early Access launch on Steam later this year. Do you have a talent for creating 2D platformer levels? Then read on.

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DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is an action/precision platformer creation tool for pc with a solid full controller supported world of mechanics to use when you do speedruns, precision runs or just want to feel the happiness of making the perfect jump. Create, share and destroy with multiple Heroes, blocksets, enemies, level tools and much more! The best thing is: it has launched in alpha, so we want you to help add more enemies, bosses, tiles, or whatever you could dream of! And of course find all the errors and design mistakes by giving feedback on the Discord. It has been in production for more than six months and we are now sharing the alpha build via our Discord server where you can join to get a free key during September!

We want YOU To Create Levels! Lots of Levels...

Because DASH is based on the users' levels being the game's arena, we need players who either find it interesting to try or players who have experience with building 2D levels. Whether you have played the games here on the DB where you create levels, whether you have spent hours in Mario Maker or liked the level editor part best in Meat Boy, you are needed! Because it is free and easy to join, we hope to have a handful of talented creators gathered on the Discord during September. To already have a culture and good standard of level creation before the game launches Early Access (~late October 2018).

Here is the teaser to intrigue you if you are still in doubt whether you want to try:

As mentioned DASH is free to enter during September, and if you find this the least bit interesting, you should follow the advice to go to the DASH Discord server - over 100 testers, speedrunners and platformer enthusiasts are already getting busy! We are always happy to see new faces and especially the level creators!

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Hope to see you there!

- The DASH Team

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