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Arcanox version 542 has been released on Google Play. The update includes guilds, borrowable cards, new card packs, daily challenges, a Russian translation ...

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NEW: Guilds

Arcanox Guilds

  • Create and manage your own guild or join a guild.
  • Invite your friends to join your guild and support each other.
  • Design a unique badge for your guild. 5145 different badges are possible.
  • Beat daily challenges to increase the maximum number of members. Guilds can have up to 50 members.
  • Discuss strategies, cards, castle layouts and the challenges in the private guild chat.
  • Compare your guild with all others in the global guild ladder.

NEW: Borrow Cards From Other Players

Borrowed Cards

Being in an active guild has the great advantage that you can borrow up to 4 cards from other guild members. To do this you need to build a guild library first.

Every borrowed card can be used once during an attack. After it has been used or at the latest after 3 hours, it is returned automatically to its owner. Borrowed cards are highlighted with the badge of your guild in the upper right corner.

NEW: 3 Card Packs

Card Packs

Instead of being able to buy only one card pack, you can choose between 3 card packs to buy now.

New Card Packs

NEW: Public Player Profiles

Public Player Profile

  • See statistics of all other players (e.g. how many multiplayer attacks they have won or against which computer opponents they have beaten).
  • See the deck of your guild members and which cards they have lent recently.

NEW: Russian Translation

Russian translation

Besides English, Spanish, German and French, the game is also available in Russian now.

CHANGED: Adjusted Gold Loot Factors

Players receive less or more gold for attacks based on the level of their castle heart and their targets castle heart. The reasons for this rule are:

  1. It should be less attractive for strong players to annihilate new players.
  2. Losing on purpose to trick the matchmaking shouldn’t be a strong strategy.
  3. Winning against equal or even stronger opponents should be rewarding.

The percentages have been adjusted a bit, because they were too extreme in some cases.

Gold Loot Factor Changes


  • Castle heart upgrades require a certain AI opponent level. This change was required, because several players ignored improving their deck and spent all their gold on upgrading their castle. This way they reached almost a dead end, where a lot of grinding was required to earn gold for the castle upgrades. With this change players are reminded to upgrade their cards along with their castle.
  • Defenders with the ice enchantment can be frozen by minions and freeze spells now. Minions with the ice enchantment are still immune against freeze. This change was required, because cannons with an ice enchantment were a bit too strong.
  • When players reach the hard cap of 100 PvP battles per 24 hours they can still attack now, but will receive no rewards for attacking. Also a warning is displayed, when they reach the cap.
  • Reduced the upgrade costs of several rooms.
  • Redesigned attack dialog, because of the new guild challenges and borrowed cards.
  • Remade the friend’s ladder from scratch to fix several errors.
  • Some small adjustments to the tutorial.


  • Connecting the game account with Google+ didn’t work on devices with Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Fixed several errors in the Spanish Translation.
  • Descriptions of the castle heart and card shop were outdated and incorrect.
  • Buttons in the player context menu were triggered on touch-down and not on touch-up like all other buttons.
  • Some fixes to improve client stability.
  • Sometimes players were not logged out on the game server properly, when they disconnected.

Special thanks to Olliver Heins, Sirko Rückmann, Nicko Böhnke, Torsten Krauß, Gerru Kloppers, IamRedGod, Cicklow and all beta-testers. Your feedback and advice was invaluable for this update!

How do you like the new features and changes? Feedback is always appreciated!

Have fun!

Download the new Arcanox version for FREE on Google Play!
Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles on Google Play
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