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Finished the desert biome boss, implemented the Mage class along with various new skills and items, and last but not least, fixed many bugs :)

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Here's what I've been working on for the past week:

(sorry for the lower quality GIFS, just recently started to use LICEcap and forgot to change the recording dimensions)

- The Sandstorm Titan

I added these cool laser beams that shoot from the ground and make the boss fight a lot more challenging and interesting :)

- Mage Class

There's only one more skill left for this class and I'm thinking of a shadow dog "pet" that is summoned to fight beside you.

---- ----------- ------------------ ----------------- ----

Water Jet ----- Fire Surge ------- Thunder Strike ------- Levitation

- Ranger Class

Finished off the Ranger class with the final 4 skills:

--- ------------ ----------------- -------------------- ----

Fury Arrows --- Sky Strike ---- Telekinetic Arrows ---- Arrow Burst

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