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Arcane Depths is a game where Risk of Rain meets Broforce.

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Welcome back to Arcane Depths!

Since the last update, I've added a lot of stuff to the game:

  • Complete skillset for the Warrior class
  • Desert biome terrain generation
  • Desert Enemies - Sand Crab, Slime, Vulture, and Desert Scorpion
  • More screenshake and explosion effects

2 New Warrior Skills:


Ground Slam

- Player slams downwards and shoots out 2 slashes on both the right and left sides -

Aura Sphere

- Player creates a shield around himself/herself and is invincible for 5 seconds -

Desert Enemies:


Sand Crab:

  • Follows player when in range
  • Slashes claw when player gets close


  • Jumps left and right randomly
  • Shoots sand projectiles at player randomly


  • Flies and hunts down player
  • Lays eggs that hatch into Sand Slimes

Desert Scorpion:

  • Follows player when in range
  • Charges player when close

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