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Hello everyone. been quiet for a bit but i am still working, dont think im gone! more goodies and stuff coming soon!

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if you have wondered why i have no posted for a while it is because i have had a few things to deal with, such as trying to get a job. I have not forgotten about this mod, and i have fixed an issue i had with shaders, thanks to harry 5518 and Halftrack, both COH modders. Halftrack fixed my shader issue, so that tank textures display correctly. i have resized the E-100 and E-75 to their correct sizes, so that an E-75s hull has almost the same dimensions as the stock king tiger. the E-100s hull is slightly lower than a king tigers or an E-75s, but that is how it was in real life, however the E-100 is larger and more wider.

Will be working on new units so stay tuned, im mostly doing german stuff for the moment but i will get to the allies at a later date.

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