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Detailed information on the Brotherhood of Nod's splinter factions and new higher quality mp3 soundtrack uploads!

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As you may or may not have noticed we've added new content to the feature section of our ModDB page explaining some of the details regarding Nod splinter factions which will be encountered during the Tiberian Odyssey campaign, we're hoping that players will be able to play around with these splinter factions as they open up a lot of interesting mission ideas and concepts, if you have any ideas or improvements for the splinter factions whether it be units or ideas feel free to post! Additionally, we have removed the old soundtrack videos which were used to show off the Odyssey OST and replaced them with clearer and newer mp3 versions instead so we hope you enjoy that! We're hoping this will be a nice little filler untill we are ready for one of our much larger more interesting news posts and presentations so keep tuned!

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