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Boy: "Woah, cool! A dead body! Let's poke it with a stick!" Girl: "Eww... Okay!" Chapter 2 now available for beta testers!

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Following the last update with chapter 1, I took a brief break from production, but am back to work with the plot and cutscenes for chapter 2. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but it starts out with a bit of morbid humor to contrast the finale of chapter 1:

Boy: "Woah, cool! A dead body! Let's poke it with a stick!"
Girl: "Eww... Okay! I'll find a stick!"

SS 11

To the children's surprise, the dead body is no dead body at all. In fact, it is our hero, unconscious and washed up on a beach. With a "not-so-gentle" jab, our hero slowly begins to awaken.

SS 12

Startled, the children react as any child would. Shouting and hollering in fear that they have stirred the undead monster as they flee the scene. Our hero, dazed and confused, must become oriented in pursuit of some answers.

SS 13

It is a fairly short cutscene, with minimal camera work, but sets the stage for another adventure. Chapters 2 and 3 are both technically playable from my end, but I have only included chapter 2 with the latest beta test for now, and both still need work with plot points and gameplay balancing. With that said, players now have access to additional, more powerful equipment as shown in the picture below.

SS 10

Progress is coming along smoothly, but there is still much to be done. In the meantime, I have been experimenting with editing the Moddb & Indiedb pages into something more fanciful, and may start work on a dedicated website as well. For now, check out Solomon Tower II with the links below.




That's all for this week! It's a shorter article this time. Unfortunately, the previous article was lost during uploading. In any case, I hope you enjoyed, and feedback is always welcome! Cheers!

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