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Apotheosis: the Hellenistic Age is a total conversion mod for CK3 that seeks to bring to life that chaotic but fascinating world between the death of Alexander the Great and the formation of the Roman empire. Our first version is now available for download!

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Version 1.0.0 is now available!

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age 1.0.0

Steam Workshop

Our mod is also available on the Steam Workshop:

Manual Installation

After downloading, unpack the zip file directly in your mod directory, which can be found at "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod".


  • A detailed custom-made map that reflects the subtleties of politics, culture and religion in 275 BC. Playable rulers range from kings to tyrants to philosophers, and we have scoured inscriptions and literary sources to ensure that most of our rulers, all the way down to the county level, are historically attested individuals.
  • A number of new governments, belonging to three broad categories: City-State, Coalition and Bureaucratic. Vassal contracts have been expanded with additional privileges and obligations, including the ability for rulers to impose certain governments on their vassals.
  • Unique corruption mechanics for City-States - nepotism, bribery and other questionable acts will now impact the city’s level of corruption modifier, and corrupt rulers may scheme to entice others.
  • Decisions for enterprising rulers to restore Sparta’s glory days and form the kingdom of Bithynia.
  • Heaps of new art assets - no more medieval crowns or shields, and plenty of period-appropriate emblems for our titles and dynasties!

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age

Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age

whats next

We have ambitious plans to continue developing Apotheosis as Crusader Kings 3 matures:

  • The mod currently takes place in a rather small part of the world, namely the Aegean and its surroundings. In time, we plan to gradually cover not only the former empire of Alexander the Great, but also western Europe, northern Africa and India.
  • As the mod progresses, we want our cultures and faiths to feel more unique in order to better represent the diversity of the Hellenistic world. Part of this will involve adding more flavor events, for example the Olympic Games, as well as decisions, faith tenets and doctrines.
  • The mod adds many new governments to represent the political institutions of the Hellenistic world. In due course, we want to create new mechanics for our governments to make each a distinct experience.


The Apotheosis soundtrack uses songs composed and performed by Michael Levy with authentically recreated instruments.

Make sure to check out his Spotify and website!


Lead Developers

  • rickinator9
  • super7700


  • timewaster
  • ANNOnymous
  • Grathalas
  • Hart
  • Idemar
  • jasmijn
  • Mayhalke
  • SlavicElmo
  • Samitte
  • Viridianus
  • wolfski
  • WorldWideStalinism
  • ALU


The Apotheosis team is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team and help us deliver our goal of providing an immersive experience of the Hellenistic world. We’re especially keen to bring on 2d and 3d artists to make our mod more visually authentic, as well as coders and writers who can craft flavourful events and mechanics.

We also have a Discord, which is the place to go if you have any suggestions or feedback for us! It’s also where we post all our latest teasers and development diaries.

Thank you for your support!

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