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Apolyton Pack mod Version 1.01 (beta) has been uploaded. Many new changes, including silos, mine layers and more.

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Apolyton Pack mod Version 1.01 (beta) has been uploaded.

What's New:
-Boomer missile is launched every 120 sec, was 80
-Fixed Yuri AI, yuri now is more likely to send transports (but some times the units may stuck and don’t move). Killing these units will make the AI to remake them and send them. In a map with three yuri around two of them will be able to send transports.
-Changed Chrono Legionnaire to no longer occupy buildings (crashes the game).
-Added new ship for USSR DEMOBOAT booooom!!!
-Changed submarine torpedoes to be more inaccurate. Torpedoes are now fired in a greater range.
-Elite submarine units do now more damage (strangely it used to do less). Torpedoes accelerate a little.
-Radar jammer no longer appear at the start of skirmish games.
-Fixed KGB agent, soviet spy camo (icon).
-Fixed NATO secret service unit to be buildable from allied barracks only.
-Fixed spy paradrop sequence.
-Changed soviet spy plane model (MIG), changed hp from 600 to 500, changed speed from 15 to 18, now it reveals the map all the way it travels, Sight=4. Model by Zengar_Zombolt RobyRulz1989.
-Increased ore regeneration.
-Added Anti-mind units with new anti-mind weapon effect. Allies get anti-mind tank and Soviets anti-mind infantry. Massive damage only to mind control units, buildings, tanks and Yuri prime. (idea suggestion by: GreekDubbingsMaker
-Increased Spec Ops paradrop recharge time to 8 min, it was 5.
-Change the Force Field now to work even if the super weapons are turned off when starting the game.
-Added shotgun sounds to soviet anti spy unit. Also, after firing 8 fast shotgun shells the fire rate is delayed dramatically to emulate reloading action and firing. If the unit is left for some time without firing, the shotgun is considered completely rearmed and ready to fire 8 consecutive fast rounds again until considered empty.
-Added allied mine layer tank. It carries 5 anti-tank mines. After placing the mines it reverts to APC status.
-Change conscript and flack trooper sounds modified to have gas mask effect (experimental).
-Yuri can now reverse-engineer whatever gets in the grinder facility and can subsequently build it without the prerequisite buildings.
-Fixed construction yards, now they can be infiltrated by spies.
-Added ore silos for both soviets and allies (ore miners continue to harvest and unload ore even if storage is full and the excess ore is discarded, so build silos ahead of time and guard them from enemy spies and engineers…)
-Change grand cannons model using "Bu7loos" model (much more detail).
-Changed the prism towers to use Ares logic. So when a prism tower fires, all prism towers in range combine their rays to overload its firepower. (Beyond the increased fire power this is a very cool effect).
-Changed Dreadnought model using the perfect "Commando 2047" model.
-It seems that I have forgotten to add the AI file that controls the computer players in the last release, ehem...sorry about that! Now it is there. And btw plz, if you see something wrong just send me a message next time. Help me to provide you with fun by making the mod right!
-Refinery/Ore purifier/Industrial plant adds a very small ore amount over time.
-Battle bunkers can be now be built further away by 4 squares total.
-Changed radar jammer effect radius, now it covers x2.5 more distance than before.
-Medic is only available to the NATO forces now.

Download Here


Loving the Apolyton mod, loads of new features and a return of the Medic :-)

Is there anyway i am able to adjust which buildings are selected to appear in a random map? As i did a bit of tweeking to add another building-but am struggling to find where the random map building list is?

Thanks for the Mod, any help a bonus!

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you got me empty handed here.i haven't edit the random map generator so far,or even work on it on any way,so my knowledge on this is sorry that i can't help you on this. any way thanks for kind comment.

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