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Well, the compiling had constant errors on both our machines, but not all is lost!

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We've assigned the compiling process to two others. Hopefully it was merely a fluke, and we'll have screenshots up tomorrow. We truly apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience on our progress.
On a lighter note: we have made significant progress to the point that we're hours away from Beta for the first level! We're working on the actual gameplay mechanics of the entire mod (animations, magic, leveling, etc). We're really hoping that you all take a liking to how we integrate these into the game, and find it innovative and fun.
-------------------------------------To give a little glance into the mechanics------------------------------------------------
1: The leveling system concept is thus: killing will give you experience, as will finding secrets (areas, chests, etc). This experience will level you up, just like in any other game. What the level up will do is increase your Damage, Health, MP, AND will allow the player access to special skills such as magic or a higher jump.
2: The actual gameplay will be very intuitive and unique. We want to stray away from the blandness of Half-Life 2, and make every action seem more organic and fluid. As an example, you'll be able to view the rest of your body when looking down, and see the animations we've integrated into the playermodel. Hopefully All goes well and it's all pieced up together very nicely.
3: Magic will be in the game as well. We're still giving it some thought on how to implement it, but our current idea is thus: When you find/buy a materia, you'll equip which ever you want into an empty slot on an item that has one available. This will be added to a list of magic you can access simply by using your mouse scroller, and using it with your alternate fire key. This way, you can use your preffered spells on the fly without putting away your sword. This is my favorite concept for magic, so we'll see how it goes from here.

So we're going to try compiling again tomorrow on two separate computers, meaning that we'll hopefully have screenshots up by noon or so. We are truly sorry for this halt in public progress (visually), and we hope to fix it as quickly as possible. If all else fails, we'll simply send up some very early alpha screenshots for our other maps that we've been working on. We thank all of you for your patience and support.

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