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An announcement on the release of V1.1 of Apocalypse Scavenger and also a little announcement on some problems...

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Hello Guys and Gals!
it turns out that the V1.1 is succesfully uploaded and tested! (with no bugs hopefully! :D)

What's new in V1.1 of Apocalypse Scavenger :

- Added in Graffiti and Junk to the environment.
- Added in MP5.
- Added in 2 new Buildings.
- Added in 10 new Items.
- Added in a new attack for the Fire Axe.
- Changed the way pills work.
- Added in Notes/Journals to read that was left from other people, before/after the apocalypse
- Fixed a few bugs, and made minor adjustments to the game.

Upcoming Features :

- A New Encounter.
- A few more new buildings
- A few more new Items/Junk items
- A new type of Infected!
- Change the mechanics inside how Adrenaline, Morphine, and Pain killers work.
(and more on that in Twitter)

With the addition of the 2 new buildings and also 10+ Items, the game will be much more less "Bland" and the minor balancing i did will improve the gameplay slightly!

And also, the DEMO version of the game will start Poping up and Dissapearing ATM, still working out how you UPLOAD Demos In Desura Thanks for reading! see you guys next time! (no need to wait if you follow me on twitter!)

Desura link : (for indieDB)
Apocalypse Scavenger

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