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The Galactic Usurper back end API has been started and hooked into the login screen of the game client. Finally, the game client can do some actual work!

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The foundation work to get the API up and running for Galacitc Usurper is finally in place. With that, I've implemented the first two API calls (register user & check login) and hooked them up into the login screen of the game.

For the programmers out there, the back end (and website) is running on Heroku using a standard WAR file. The API is written using JAX-RS (RestEasy) and JPA (OpenJPA). I'm using google's protocol buffers between the client and server instead of XML or JSON.

Hopefully this foundation is good enough to get the other APIs cranked out in short order so that I can make more progress on the front end again.

The next API set I'll be working on is "Create Game" and "List Games" so that I can work on the game selection screen. Stay tuned for more!

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