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The June patch is coming on the 25th, release details inside.

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United Nations Space Command PR-TRANSMISSION 44877H-08
Encryption Code: Green
Public Key: file /tango-six-three-four/
Classification: Restricted

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Alright then, it's time to discuss the long awaited June Patch, let's dive right in with the changelog as it currently stands (subject to change before the patch's release).


- New UNSC Charon and Paris Frigates
- New MAC projectile
- UNSC AI will now fire MAC cannons correctly
- UNSC SMAC Platform added
- UNSC Prowler space mines now explode like proximity mines (extremely hand against corvettes and fighters)
- Added more resource upgrades

- Added Covenant SDC Corvette
- New Covenant Light Cruiser
- New Covenant Destroyer
- New Covenant Assault Carrier
- Added upgradeable ship system

- Several performance optimizations, including:
* LoD models for a few ships and projectiles
* Most reworked models from the above lists are significantly lower poly
- Countless balancing tweaks, you'll find the game plays quite differently to the last version

Upgradeable ships?

That's right, several Covenant ships can now be upgraded on the go in skirmish simply by clicking the ship you want to upgrade and selecting the desired upgrade. At the moment the ships only have generic upgrades that improve/add more weapons, and boost shield strength, but over the course of the next few months we will be adding in many unique upgrade paths that will give you some serious fleet customization options.

Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013

The only ships currently using the system are:
- Picket ship
- SDV Corvette
- Light Cruiser
- Destroyer

SMAC Platforms

These are a game-changing addition in the UNSC's fight against the Covenant, SMAC platforms are long range turrets that can be built anywhere on the map. They can be used to take out large chunks of an oncoming fleet before it can get anywhere near you, but be careful of the Covenant's in-system slipspace ability, if you don't pay attention a whole fleet could easily slip straight into your SMAC cluster and take it down.

UNSC SMAC Platforms ingame Random Gameplay Shots

Covenant Reworks

In addition to the unit reworks you've already seen in previous updates, we've also re-textured and re-modelled the Covenant Destroyer:

Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013
Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013

And the Covenant Light Cruiser:

Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013Apex Studios Update 21/06/2013

Both of these ships deal can deal some serious damage with their Plasma Torpedo launchers, and the ability to upgrade them with more weaponry has made them even more deadly than ever.

Release Date and Beyond

The June patch will be uploaded on June 25th 2013, it will include all the mod files, so you will need to delete your old mods/CaW folder before installing it. As with last year's christmas release we will listen to your comments and try to get a patch out to address any issues ASAP.
As before, this release is SPACE SKIRMISH ONLY, if you try and run Galactic conquest you'll get all kinds of weird bugs.

Over the summer months following this patch, we hope to release an exciting new gametype along with at least one map pack, stay tuned for that (I'm sure DGaius will talk about it more in his blog: )

That's it for this update, see you on the 25th.

/end file/

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could you make a quick vid you show these updates in action

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Blamtroid Author

You'll see them in 3 days anyway, just wait until then :).

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cool thanks

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As i am only interested in GC, i would like to know if you plan on making the GC in the future or will you only stick with Skirmish ???

If not, then no point in me tracking this mod, no hard feelings ^^

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Blamtroid Author

GC is next on our list of priorities, hopefully we'll have it done by christmas, no land though.

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Nice one, Blam. Really liking that ship customization aspect.

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It works real well ingame

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Cant wait for the release.
Good job, guys
But whats about a rework for the Marathon Cruiser ( i find its now the most badlooking ship in the UNSC fleet)and working Deathclones for the Ships?
Would look really cool if for example a Plasmatorpedo hit a UNSC frigate which then explode in his pieces or get cut in two halfs.
And what about heroes?
And some Sabres and Pelicans and Phantoms would be very cool aswell

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