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Aperture Camera is currently searching for new developers! (DeVlog №1)

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Welcome to Aperture of the future!

Aperture Camera Banner

Aperture Camera is currently searching for new developers,

we would be very pleased to work with all of you! <3

On this ModDB page we will update all of you about our newest project titled Aperture Camera

Aperture Camera is a recreation of a cancelled Valve game titled F-STOP. In this game you are able to manipulate object's size and placement by using a camera that can capture these objects on film and then place them in the real world. Aperture Camera features a full, polished story with funny characters, abstract puzzles and much more.

If you would like to work with us, please drop us a notice at our Google Forms page!

(if you are not able to do that, DM me at npnc#7484)

Thank you for choosing us, see you soon! <3



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