More bad news for GDI, the brotherhood have another classic addition.

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Making History
Back when I was coming up with a draft for the 'Tiberian History' mod I had few basic things which I wanted done, and which I felt were reasonable, in addition to the more fanciful ideas. The hope was that even if these more fanciful ideas never came to fruition, then at least the basics could be taken care of and I'd be satisfied.
The basic plans for the Nod side were the replacement of the Scorpion tank with a Tiberian Dawn style Bradley, the addition of the M113 Tiberian Dawn APC, the replacement of the Beam cannon with the Tiberian Dawn M110, the replacement of the laser defences with the Tiberian Dawn turret and the removal of the Avatar. Most of these have been accomplished and today I can introduce a new nightmare for GDI players:

The APC!
There are differences to the GDI APC of course, and there is no doubt that the GDI APC has more functionality (infantry cannot fire out of Nod's APC, nor does it have special abilities similar to the mine laying abilities of the GDI APC), although for those commanders who use their APCs to fight infantry, the Nod APC ability to run infantry over is probably worth more than all of the GDI version's tricks, but it basically comes down to Nod being able to match the GDI opening 'APC-Engineer' move.

And speaking of that notorious opening move - will it survive? There are talks of introducing a drop delay (a short period of time during which infantry exiting an APC cannot move) and also removing the 'collide pick up' ability (the ability for an APC travelling at speed to pick up infantry travelling at speed, a vital component in the APC-engineer move).

Whatever happens it has just got a whole lot safer for Nod engineers and commandos!

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New APC is nice !

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