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A Path Beyond has been updated to! Come take a peak at what's been going on!

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Hello everyone! It is time to release our holiday patch. Stop by and have some fun with us during this season as we shoot it out on the new Christmas map! Changelog

mapthumb_Christmas2020.png (New map!)

  • It is said to be a downright colorful place where magic dwells and niceness is rewarded.
  • Features a Refinery, War Factory, Barracks, Service Depot, Ore Silo, and basic defenses.
  • Allies harvest candy, Soviets harvest coal.
  • Some new map decorations, including northern lights, reindeer, and some of our brand new snowy pine assets.
  • Map is Tech Level 2, which is similar to the tech available on Canyon River (minus Soviet Rangers).
  • Features Santa-capped Titans that boast a powerful 120mm cannon. Paired with this fearsome weapon is some soothing secondary fire. Regardless of War Factory status, they are purchasable for $1100 via terminals on shipping containers next to the Ore Silo in each base, and they will be delivered by air.
  • Bots are supported.


  • Sidebar purchases now default to the map's theater. No longer do players need to cycle through the sidebar to select the appropriate unit camoflage. Alternate camoflages are still optionally available.
  • Dynamic bullet decals on vehicles are now enabled. Players wishing to disable this option for performance or other reasons can remove the entry "DynamicDecals=true" in hud.ini.
  • A bug that granted duplicate kill messages and points for destroying grounded aircraft has been fixed.
  • Bots now ignore cargo trucks, and won't sit in them endlessly.


  • Changed ingame chat font and kill feed font to DejaVu Sans. Kill icons have been moved to their own section in the font file, which means the old characters that had been replaced (such as "|", "[", and "]") are available once more.
  • The kill feed is now separated from the chat section. It is located above the radar on the HUD.
  • The sneak icon "eye" has been given a strikethrough to more clearly indicate that the player can't be seen.
  • The chat box is slightly less wide so it no longer overlaps with the player list.
  • Ants and partisans can no longer sneak on the radar. The sneak icon on the HUD will always enable for radar-invisible infantry such as the thief. It will also be enabled as long as the enemy's radar is dead or jammed.
  • Weapons with tracking now have a 0.5 second delay to stop locking on after the player stops aiming at the target.


Volkov.gif Volkov

  • Normal run speed has been set to 0.75 (was 0.85), and his ability to sprint has returned.
  • AT Hand Cannon rate of fire has been set to 1 (was slower at 0.75).
  • AP Hand Cannon rate of fire has been increased to 2 (was slower at 1.5).
  • There are now 3 napalm grenades per clip (was 2).



  • The Browning weapon model has been replaced.
  • Removed the extremely dirty look from the forest camo variant.
  • Upscaled the textures from 1k to 2k.
  • The shovel is now modeled on, and not just textured on.
  • New eject shell.
  • New treads.

Hind.gif Hind

  • Weapon model has been updated, and now spins when firing. This will be most noticeable in first person camera view.

Map Changes


  • Added a ramp up to the hill in the middle of the side route.
  • Added bot support.


  • Fixed floating trees near Soviet base.


  • Fixed errors with scripts regarding missing building controllers.
  • The sky is darker and the fog less noticeable.
  • Made the moon cliff textures less stretchy.


  • Improved AI behavior around the Soviet Barracks and AA Guns at the Naval Yard.


  • Added bot support.


  • Sank the tunnels under each of the bases by 5 meters so the bots won't try to repair the Service Depots from there.


  • Added bot support.
  • Made flight ceiling softer.
  • Fixed a terrain texture seam between the Allied base and the infantry path in the middle.


  • Added bot support.
  • Added a bridge over the river, in front of the Tesla Coil.
  • The C4 no-placement zone by the Soviet Ore Silo has been corrected.


  • Added bot support.
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