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Fixed combat refilling, improved bot behaviour, radio command emoticons and more in this new update!

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:allied: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update :soviet:


  • Added emoticons for radio commands, like in Renegade.

Building needs repairs!

Attack their defenses!

Attack the Ore Truck!

  • Refilling or buying rifles/techies in infantry combat is no longer possible.
  • Fixed the "limit" on items in the B/N/M list, they will now display all players/buildings.
  • Screen shake of most explosive weaponry has been reduced about 20-30%.


Grenadier.gif Grenadier

  • Splash radius down (8 -> 7m)

Rifle_Soldier.gifMedic.gif Rifle/Medic

  • Rifle/SMG (AK-47, M16, MP5) damage multiplier to light vehicle health/armour down (0.4/0.2 -> 0.36/0.18), a 10% decrease
  • Rifle/SMG damage multiplier to heavy vehicle health/armour down (0.3/0.15 -> 0.28/0.14), a 6.67% decrease

pt_so_starshina.png Starshina

  • TOZ-194 buckshot damage multiplier to infantry decreased (1 -> 0.9), a 10% decrease

pt_al_officer.png Captain/Kapitan

  • Light machinegun (M60, PKM) damage multiplier to light vehicle health/armour down (0.5/0.5 -> 0.5/0.4), an 11.11% decrease (but not against supply trucks or other unarmoured vehs)
  • Light machinegun damage multiplier to heavy vehicle health/armour down (0.45/0.3 -> 0.4/0.3), a 4.75% decrease
  • Light machinegun damage multiplier to armoured infantry down (0.875 -> 0.75), a 14.3% decrease

Flame_Trooper.gif Flamethrower

  • Splash radius up (8 -> 8.5m)
  • Splash damage down (35 -> 30)

Tanya.gif Tanya

  • Self-healing delay increased (15 -> 20 seconds)

Volkov.gif Volkov

  • Adjusted to be a little more "midfield" and less "enemy rooftop camping killwhoring douche":
  • AT cannon range back up (85 -> 90m)
  • Shotgun damage down (50 -> 45)
  • Napalm direct damage down (25 -> 20)
  • Napalm splash radius up (8 -> 10m)
  • Napalm splash no longer penetrates terrain/building cover.
  • Shotgun/napalm no longer gets improved accuracy from crouching.
  • Self-healing delay increased (15 -> 20 seconds)
  • No longer has infinite armour, the bar is there and it can be depleted.


Tesla_Tank.gif Tesla Tank

  • Physics redone slightly, should no longer be susceptible to randomly flipping over when reversing. (Unfortunately the suspension can now LOOK a little weird at times but you can't have it all. I'll figure out a better solution eventually.)

Yak.png Yak

  • Decreased acceleration about 10%
  • Decreased range (140 -> 130m)


  • In dead buildings, prop monitors display static on screens and "blinklight" mainframes stop blinking.

Allied_Construction_Yard.gifPower_Plant.gif Construction Yard/Power Plant

  • No longer has to be destroyed for a base destruction victory.

Allied_Radar_Dome.gif Radar Dome

  • Added Repair Tool props to the shelves.

RA1_Airfield_Icons.gif Airfield

  • Removed physical collision from runway lights as they were making rotation difficult for Yaks.

Soviet_Tesla_Coil.gif Tesla Coil

  • Range no longer falls a few centimetres short of its targeting range (which made it possible for a Ranger to draw coil fire without being hurt).
  • Splash cover penetration up from 0% to 75%

Soviet_Flame_Tower.gifAllied_Turret.gif Flame Tower / Turret

  • Splash cover penetration up from 33%/0% to 75%

Technology Centre

  • Fixed the stickiness of the lower edges of the platform for the "mega mainframe".


  • Targeting priority for most bots (excluding base defenses, snipers and Tanyas) treats the target's unit cost as a much less important factor, so they will be more likely to target buildings and to finish already-damaged units.
  • Targeting and "fear" priorities vs each "type" of unit (infantry, light vehicle/base defense, heavy vehicle, aircraft, building) have been tweaked for greater sensibility. Most importantly, bots in MBTs will no longer attempt to maintain max range against inconsequential rifle infantry that barely hurt them and they can barely hurt in return, and will instead try to charge through them but still return fire if there are no better targets, whereas the lightly-armoured Phase/Tesla bots continue to fear infantry and maintain maximum range against them. Rifle Soldier bots do not "fear" infantry, as they are free and expendable - this also means they can break past poor defensive lines and infiltrate buildings more easily.
  • Behaviour of defender/repair bots has been improved; instead of randomly picking a building to repair/defend (even if it's in no danger) and then staying glued to its MCT until it or the bots die, they will now only rush to the aid of buildings that are damaged, and will just idle around if no buildings are damaged.
  • Bots' per-map infantry restrictions have been revised once again to exclude more infantry that are unsuitable for certain situations. For example, since Metro is now an infantry-only map in the eyes of bots, bots will never purchase Rocket Soldiers there, and since Camos Canyon's lanes are straight and open enough that bots often find themselves fighting at long range, bots will never purchase Sergeants, Medics or Flamethrowers there.
  • Bots don't buy Mammoth Tanks or APCs anymore, since they both have issues - with Mammoths they frequently manage to somehow leave the pathfinding grid, upon which they become "stuck" and only serve as a stationary turret, and with APCs the "infantry join a transport vehicle" logic isn't currently functioning in group rushes, so an APC in a group rush doesn't provide the intended effect of speeding up the group (because the tanks wouldn't have to wait for infantry to catch up at each waypoint) to compensate for being a mediocre combatant. Both may be re-enabled in future if these issues are fixed. Bots will still try to use an APC/Mammoth if they are left unused for too long (like with Rangers).
  • Bots can now buy Grenadiers. (However, due to issues targeting around cover, they don't get bought on Metro.)
  • Volkov bots now use the AP shotgun against infantry. However, due to the AI 1-weapon limitation, this draws from the same ammo pool as the AT cannon and takes no time to "switch" to.
  • Allied Sergeant bots now use the dragonsbreath shot against infantry to balance them with Soviet ones, since being set on fire causes bots to aim sporadically.
  • Bots will now react to the radio commands "Follow me" (causes some bots who are near you to follow you) and "Move out" (releases followers who will then do their own thing)
  • Group rushes are less "patient" - they won't wait around for participants to join for as long as they used to.
  • Bot "wakeup" time after spawning is randomised.
  • Player kills versus bots are reported on the killfeed and play the kill sound.



  • Fixed OT pathfinding which somehow broke again.


  • Bots no longer crash the game.
  • Bots no longer get hung up on the War Factory props or the Cargo Truck.
  • Moved Soviet north silo slightly south so it's easier to repair.
  • Moved the boxes around Soviet north silo to provide more cover to repairmen.


  • Fixed missing spy/thief zones for the Soviet Barracks, War Factory and Refinery.
  • Fixed a VIS error in the Tech Centre.


  • Bots can now be enabled. (As usual, load up the map in LAN, press F8 to open the console, and type botcount 30 or some number around that.)

Revamped Hostile Waters (In Progress)

Community contributor Raap has resurfaced with a preview of his latest revision of Hostile Waters.

Hostile Waters (Revamped)

Preview of the revamped Hostile Waters, Soviet base. Key feedback was always that LST landing parties had too many easy angles of approach, so each of the two bases are gaining some significant terrain changes to make attack routes more defined. The Allied base uses more natural terrain for the same purpose, while the Soviet one uses more industrial themes, an approach I also used back on Siege.

Note that I'm having a few strange issues that are roadblocking further development progress, so as of now the only thing I can work on is aesthetic changes and general terrain changes, such as this one. This means, no ETA for when I finally get to complete this APB level. Upon delivery, release is entirely the decision of Pushwall.

Added note: Due to time restrictions and concerns regarding network based gameplay behavior, the rail cart system and related underground tunnels have unfortunately been cut from the reboot project, despite having been largely completed already.

- Raap

Coming Soon

To close off this update, another map is on its way as Pushwall shows with this image.

Coming Soon

It may or may not look familiar to some.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for your continued support. Visit us on our forums @ and join us on our Discord server!

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