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Medic and Volkov cut down to size, Sergeants more suited for center-mass shots, new building props, two more bot-friendly maps, and Militant Force! What more could you ask for?

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:allied: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update :soviet:

Medic and Volkov cut down to size, Sergeants more suited for center-mass shots, new building props, two more bot-friendly maps, and Militant Force! What more could you ask for?


  • Mines and non-main structures are no longer subject to the splash cover system (only relevant for arty/V2/C4/nukes vs mines, and nukes vs non-main structures). Because of this, nuke damage to these objects is reduced again.
  • Simplified collisions on dead vehicle and trilight props, should be much harder to get stuck against these.
  • Esc help screen remade and updated by A4R91N to include a rundown on all of Delta's base structures.


Engineer.gifTanya.gif Saboteurs

  • C4 charge time down from 1 to 0.25 seconds. (Not zero because zero means desyncs if you happen to have it equipped and are holding fire on a vehicle when you eject from said vehicle.)
  • Clearing charges now have the same charge time as C4, for the same reason as above.
  • Tanya C4's "Kiss it bye-bye" is now played globally.

Engineer.gifpt_al_technician.pngpt_so_technician.png Repairmen

  • Repair Tool now uses handgun character animations, allowing bots to use them properly and giving a slight range increase since they're held further forward. (Less importantly it's also more true to the first-person animation.)

Medic.gif Medic

  • Health up (75 -> 100)
  • Auto-heal is reduced (3 -> 2.5)
  • Auto-heal now only activates after 1 second of not taking damage. So concentrated fire, burn damage or scuba diving will prevent it from taking hold.
  • Medic kit no longer heals infantry armour.
  • Medic kit now has a 1.5-second charge time and an 0.5-second cooldown, instead of no charge and a 2-second cooldown; this means you can no longer rapidly swap between the kit and MP5 to fire the kit at up to 4 times faster than its intended refire rate.
  • Medic kit no longer has a one-time use insta-heal.
  • Added the "Armour Cache" signal flare (weapon slot 3); this causes friendly infantry within 25m to become uncrushable, refills their armour, and upgrades it to take 2/3rds less damage from mundane explosions (excluding AP mine) and become unstrippable. This flare provides its effect for a minute before expiring, and can be disarmed in half the time it would take to disarm a C4, so placing it anywhere near enemy spawn points is not recommended unless you're just using it as an emergency one-off armour refill.

pt_al_sergeant.pngpt_so_starshina.png Shotgunners

  • Dragonsbreath afterburn damage up (2.5 -> 4).
  • Dragonsbreath afterburn now works against Flamethrowers and Volkovs.
  • Fixed armour penetration on TOZ flechette shot which was accidentally 37.5% instead of 50% like the other shotgun rounds. (Volkov's "armour" had the correct setting here but that kinda never comes up... :v )
  • TOZ flechette shot damage to infantry down (80 -> 75), though with the above fix this is only a "nerf" to unarmoured infantry.
  • Dragonsbreath armour shredding up (50% -> 75%).
  • Slug and flechette armour shredding up (25% -> 100%).

Thief.gif Thief

  • Fixed bug where his stealing script would still play out if he died while inside a stealing zone.

Volkov.gif Volkov

  • KovNade splash radius up (7 -> 8 )
  • KovNade splash damage down (15 -> 12.5)
  • KovShotty damage down (60 -> 50)


Yak.png Yakovlev Yak-9P

  • Kills against Yaks are now recorded properly on the kill feed.


  • Various buildings have been updated with new props from CMDBob's technology centre - computer consoles, mainframes, chairs and shelves. In most buildings this means extra cover, but in some they replace older props so it just ends up being an aesthetic thing.

Soviet_Tesla_Coil.gif Tesla Coil

  • Now detects infantry at 120m instead of using the anti-vehicle range (150m).


  • The music track "Militant Force" will now play over the endgame scoreboard, overriding the map jukebox.
  • Technician's flailing animation now works when running with "handgun" weapons and C4 and flares.
  • Technician no longer does his flailing animation when running with large two-handed weapons.
  • Repair Tool's screen glows in the dark.
  • Makarov uses its old first-person animations again as the Beretta ones introduce some awful clipping.
  • Added some new purchase quotes:
    • Sergeant (Carville): "Moving to intercept"
    • Starshina (Topolov): "Za Rossiyu" (For Russia)
    • Captain (Esling): "There is still much to be done"
    • Kapitan (Kukov): "Take the fight to them"
  • Missile Silo basement now has a window into the missile tube, with a shutter that closes during launching.


  • Airfield's runway lights no longer eat up a huge amount of draw calls.
  • Oil pumps use less draw calls and no longer have performance-hungry multimaterials.


  • Bots in the "engineer" group actually do their job now. Sort of. Instead of basically just being worthless pistol defense bots, they will head to a friendly MCT and use the Repair Tool on it endlessly, until the building is dead at which point they may move to another one. At a later date I plan to refine this so that they only repair buildings that NEED repairs, but I haven't had time to figure that part out yet.
  • Bots in the "engineer" group may now spend their money on Engineers for extra survivability instead of only buying Technicians - not like they're ever going to spend it on vehicles or offensive infantry.
  • Small-arms infantry bots will now "ignore" buildings - that is, if these are the only targets in their range, they will shoot them but will move forward at the same time in hopes of finding better targets.
  • Allied bots can now buy Medics; however they do not know how to use their medic features intelligently so they just use them as a CQC commando.
  • Infantry now treat MCT rooms as their "objective" - they will try to reach these areas if no other targets are getting in their way. Once they do so they will shoot the MCT.
  • Infantry preferences are now set on a per-map basis:
    • On small, cramped maps, they will buy more Sergeants, Medics, Flamethrowers and Tanyas, but no Snipers.
    • On open, vehicle-heavy maps they will buy more Captains and Rocket Soldiers, but no Sergeants or Medics.
    • On maps that fall somewhere in between, they get a good mix of everything.



  • Removed rocks that are completely underwater or hidden in marsh-grass since you really have no way of noticing and avoiding them.


  • Removed "Militant Force" music track.


  • Auto-healing on superboats down (10 -> 5).
  • Chrono dustblowers collide with Service Depots properly.
  • SPAM Site no longer announces that it is "under attack" when a spy temporarily destroys it.


  • Bots can now be enabled. Same method as usual. On this map they will buy rangers.
  • Base radar markers are present now. (Not that the map was particularly complicated before, but their absence was causing bots to derp out.)
  • War Factory spy zone no longer needs the spy to jump to activate.
  • Fixed the long silence after "Eaten Alive" music track.


  • Fixed some misplaced barrels at the Allied pump.
  • Fixed rainbow door.
  • Added a collision safety net between the walkway and top of the oil silo so you can't fall down.
  • Moved dead Allied turret near shore slightly to reduce stuck issues.
  • Shorelines are now lit properly.


  • Both types of cars are a little slower than before. This leaves them easier to control since high-speed driving doesn't go well with lag in this engine. The Soviet ones are still faster and more slippery than the Allied, but should be less slippery than before - while the Allied ones should do a much better job than before of sticking to the road and being able to take corners at their full speed.
  • Time limit for each checkpoint has been raised to 70 seconds to be more in line with the slower pace of the game.


  • Removed external SDs and the defenses near them.
  • Added additional AA defense on the far east side of each base to compensate (near Soviet Refinery and Allied Conyard).


  • Out-of-bounds border no longer bleeds into the basement of the Allied Construction Yard


  • Naval structures are now snow-capped.
  • Deepened water around Allied base.


  • Bots can now be enabled.

Damn, dude, bots!? I'll have to load this back up!

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