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Update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Read the full changelog here and download the patch today!

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:allied: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update :soviet:

Ridgewar Hind Rush

A new patch has been released! Various changes from infantry to vehicles, and a new map!


  • Fixed radio command spam.
  • Tesla weapons have been nerfed a bit against infantry, having their direct damage removed entirely but having the damage-over-time effect buffed. Since only direct damage gets affected by limb multipliers, this means that shooting an enemy in the chest or leg will do exactly as much as shooting them in the head. So Shock Rifles still kill most infantry in two shots but can't upgrade to instant kills via headshots any more, and Tesla Tanks still kill regular infantry in one shot but can't one-shot Tanyas via headshots any more and need another shot (or possibly splash) to kill anything tougher than a rifle/rocket soldier.
  • Mousing over a targetable object and then mousing over a hidden phase tank/gapped object no longer instantly removes the target box, so this method cannot be used to scan for such units.
  • Some rebalancing to the new event; details are confidential though :v


  • Infantry now take half as much damage from barbed wire.
  • C4/Tanya C4 damage to heavy vehicles (LT/HT/Med/APC/ML) up by 50%.
  • C4 damage to aircraft up by 100%.
  • C4 damage to Ore Trucks up by 100%.
  • C4 damage to building exteriors down from 12.5% to 10%.
  • Tanya C4 damage to building exteriors up from 12.5% to 20%.


  • Vehicles now take half as much damage from deep water.
  • Tesla Tank inaccuracy up from 0.25 to 0.5.
  • Tesla Tank range down from 125 to 122.5.
  • Hind damage to naval units down by ~17% (0.3 -> 0.25)
  • Longbow damage to naval units down by ~17% (0.9 -> 0.75)


  • SAM Site rockets can no longer travel significantly further than the SAM Site's target acquisition range.
  • Soviet Ore Silos, Refill Pads and Service Depots now properly give 100 points to each Allied player when destroyed like Allied ones do for Soviet players.
  • Concrete Wall health up from 150 to 225.


  • Flamethrower, Shock Rifle and Volkov's handcannons no longer "tilt" while reloading (since they don't "reload" in a conventional manner)
  • All weapons and vehicles now have proper HUD strings (only relevant if you're using a custom HUD like Threve's)


  • Infantry bots at home no longer remain idle and block ore trucks until an enemy comes into view.

Revived RA_CanyonRiver!

Canyon River

  • Map now meets Delta standards--terrain remade from the ground up, with scattered foliage and objects to match.
  • New series of tunnels connects the two caves where the river enters and exits the map (allowing a vehicle route completely hidden from the main thoroughfare), plus offshoot tunnels as infantry routes that connect to the main map area.
  • Allied War Factory rotated to a position that complements the Barracks.
  • Defenses added to the bases.
  • Each team gets two silos, each team's silo area spruced up with fenced-in area that contains a PT and some props.
  • New lighting, plus scripted weather and fog scheme.
  • Vis fitted for additional player comfort.
  • Added a waterfall, foam, small ponds, a retaining wall with a tunnel, a graveyard, guard towers, scaffolding, sculpted cliffs, and so many more things that are too numerable to mention here!


  • Thief zone exists now on the lower Soviet silo.
  • Made it a little harder to get close to the lower Soviet silo.


  • Added a small chance of getting a Golden Wrench crate. This depleted Golden Wrench only has 40 ammo (enough to capture anything except a teamed SD/rpad - it will still neutralise those though making it possible to capture them with a second wrench) and cannot repair buildings.


  • Fixed the ugly slope by the Soviet barracks.


  • Rocket partisan should be more aggressive now.


  • Tesla Tanks can no longer jam Allied radar from the central plateau.

Download the patch today! Introduce your friends to Red Alert: A Path Beyond if you haven't already!

Download and play today!



BTW you have much luck that EA has accepted your project. I and my friends from Zero Touch Systems wanted to create turn-based strategy for Android, based on Red Alert 1. Pity, but they've prohibited further work :(

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This is freely distributed, and still heavily entrenched in EA's branding, with little-to-no possibility of competition with EA's further goals for the series. At this point it's basically free advertising.

Your project on the other hand, could potentially pull attention from Tiberium Alliances, and they have no way of telling what sort of monetization you stand to make from it. This jeopardizes their claim on the IP if it's allowed.

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Still no simple way to host servers.
This really is a killer for me and possibly other people that rent servers etc.

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