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A quick notice; 2.1 is in final testing for a release within a week or so. Feel free to join us for this final testing to help stamp out any bugs that slipped by.

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Hey, a really quick notice to everybody watching this space. APB 2.1 has entered final testing, and hopefully this week can culminate in some good test games to derive proper server settings, confirm that the right changes have gone through, and verify no gamebreaking bugs have slipped by. Oh, and sanity check some last-minute balance changes!

Anybody can join our open testing before the real gameservers go up. Download your test copy from our forums and then keep an eye on the calendar for any times that appear (they will be posted GMT).

[Download removed 10/19/11, check the forum for the latest build!]

Remember that anything you download, until futher notice, is still a test build and may have problems. For example, there was a known issue with the Refinery in this final test build, where there is a floating plate in the upper floor. It's already being removed for the 2.1 release, but we didn't bother to take it out of this test build.

You may wish to review some of the incremental release notes for this build.

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