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A server outage delayed release, so we've taken the time to pack in more changes, fixes, and performance boosts. Most maps see far better framerates, and many look a lot better. Included is a partial changelist for APB 2.1 which is undergoing final testing, plus graphical updates for this and later versions.

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Downtime & Delay

We recently had some downtime and have moved to what should be a stable host; let me know if you still see any problems cropping up. You might notice we are using a new domain ( but you can go ahead and keep using or if you wish. We still need to work out the details there with Crimson, who has hosted our site and IRC channel for the past several years and is responsible for those domain names. Do note that our IRC channel is still at the same place it has always been, on network at the #apathbeyond channel.

As we do the bulk of our testing (and a lot of development) on weekends, especially lately due to final exams for many testers/staff, the recent downtime and server migration has set us back slightly but we've got another double-edged sword to place the blame on: feature creep. The 2.1 balance adjustment patch has grown quite a bit as we play the game along with everybody else and watch your reactions, and as the TT engine development team works to fix bugs and solidify new features.

Trees and Performance

It's probably for the best that we've delayed. APB 2.1 is aimed heavily at reducing lag an increasing framerates. For example, on top of all the performance increases already announced (20% here, 30% there, 15% for another reason) we were able to increase performance on the map Zama by another 50% this past week.

IPB Image
Several new sets of trees are part of the reason, such as this smaller deciduous forest shown on The Woods Today. They help us look better, and get past the CPU bottleneck we have run into with vanilla APB 2.0 which translates directly to improved performance. Zama, for example, gained a 50% framerate boost despite adding probably ten times more actual trees, as the newer ones render much faster. The Woods Today now has much more actual woods, but yet again it will unintuitively run faster thanks to the newer trees.

Fabian and ChopBam did a good job with them. There are a few new kinds of trees, although you won't see them all in APB 2.1 as they would not necessarily fit into the existing maps. There are some new pine trees and some new poplar trees, shown here on this dark new mystery map.

IPB Image

Silo Destruction

The final 'base defense' style building to be fixed up, the Ore Silo now has its destruction complete, thanks to Cuddling. Have a look. First, a fiew from the back; then, a video of it in action.

IPB Image

Other New Buildings

A full set of new buildings won't be out until the next major release. In fact, it is pretty much the definition for being the next major release. Here are several buildings being worked on by ChopBam and one mostly complete by Cuddling, next to the old buildings for comparison. Remember, these won't be in APB 2.1, unlike the silo above.

IPB Image

IPB Image

The APB 2.1 Changelist

Here are a few of the things that have changed, gleaned from my (Chronojam's) own notes on the matter. Note that there are several other map changes, code changes, and balance adjustments not reflected here. Many of the map and code changes contribute to increased performance that has been alluded to over the past several news updates.

  • Reduced support pistol maximum firing rates (Beretta and Makarov)
  • Added slow auto-fire to all support pistols
  • Replaced Beretta with Silenced Beretta for Thief
  • Added quick auto-fire to Silenced Beretta
  • Increased pistol effective ranges to 50 meters (was 10)
  • Set build limit on Demo Trucks: 2 at any time (was 4)
  • Set build limit on MRJ: 2 at any time
  • Reduced MRJ scrambling volume by 25%
  • Added MRJ fake EVA warnings
  • Increased MAD chargeup audio
  • Increased cloaked visibility distances by 5 meters (Phase Tanks, Gap, Mines)
  • Reduced Supply Truck mass (cannot ram others easily, shoved more easily)
  • Replaced Supply Truck acceleration profile (won't take off like a rocket)
  • Reduced Light Tank turn rate (cannot zig zag quite as quickly)
  • Adjusted Light Tank ramming capacity (cannot shove others as easily)
  • Changed Ranger handling to recover from falls and ramming easier when driven
  • Reduced Ranger steering (turns a little slower and stabler)
  • Changed V2 handling to recover from falls and ramming easier when driven
  • Replaced V2 acceleration profile
  • Increased Ore Truck velocity
  • Increased Ore Truck mass
  • Increased Ore Truck turning rate
  • Mirrored Supply Truck settings to Demolition Truck, but increased its mass further
  • Increased Supply Truck health to 110 health /110 armor (was 110/0)
  • Increased Demolition Truck health to 110 health /110 armor (was 110/0)
  • Reduced Longbow climb to 38k (was 48k)
  • Reduced Hind climb to 21k (was 28k)
  • Overhauled helicopter handling
  • Decreased Grenade secondary inaccuracy to 4 (was 6 degrees)
  • Changed SAMs to AntiAircraft, better against aircraft and worse against others (was Shell)
  • Changed AA flak to AntiAircraft, better against aircraft and worse against others (was Explosive)
  • Increased A-Bomb blast radius to 120 meters (was 100 meters)
  • Increased A-Bomb damage to 1000 damage (was 785) (could not kill a CY before)
  • Reduced Sniper speed to 6 (was 6.5)
  • Incrased Spy Shocktrooper speed to 6 (was 5.5)
  • Corrected Spy fake weapon effective ranges and hitter types
  • Changed SVD to behave identically to Enfield (snipers)
  • Replaced Spy Flamethrower disguise with Spy Sniper disguise
  • Added proper impact effects to Volkov's weaponry
  • Fixed impact effects on soldiers
  • Reduced Repair Tool, Golden Wrench, Mechanic radius
  • Fixed AOE repair and damage logic (affects repair tool, mechanic, golden wrench, flamethrower detonate)
  • Increased M60 range to 75 meters
  • Increased PKM range to 75 meters
  • Swapped PKM/M60 spray error (1 / .8 degree, respectively)
  • Increased M60 magazine to 75 rounds
  • Increased PKM magazine to 75 rounds
  • Increased M60 velocity to 390
  • Increased PKM velocity to 390
  • Increased PKM damage to 12
  • Incrased M60 damage to 10.25
  • Changed M60/PKM to use Steel_NoBuilding warhead (former Hind warhead)
  • Increased Captain/Kapitan price to 250 (was 200)
  • Replaced Hind Chaingun with Hind Autocannon (blast radius, damage changes)
  • Incrased Shock Rifle secondary damage to 15 (was 11)
  • Incrased Shock Rifle secondary spray to 3 (was 2 degrees)
  • Increased RPG effective range to +3 meters beyond actual
  • Increased LAW effective range to +3 meters beyond actual
  • Increased RedEye effective range to +3 meters beyond actual
  • Adjusted Rocket warhead slightly (better versus Volkov notably)
  • Set LAW to use Rocket instead of Explosive
  • Removed LAW guidance/homing
  • Increased Phase Tank frag damage to 35 (from 30)
  • Added new locking/theft logic to all vehicles
  • Added new vehicle theft logic to Spy
  • Added new vehicle theft logic to Thief (a new ability)
  • Added friendly Mine radar visibility (an X on radar for each mine)
  • New AP Mine graphics
  • New AT Mine graphics
  • Added cloak effect to mines
  • Increased AP Mine health to 60 (was 40)
  • Increased AT Mine health to 60 (was 40) plus 120 weak hitpoints
  • Decreased AP Mine blast to 4.5 meters, scaled (was 7 unscaled)
  • Decreased AT Mine damage to 600 (was 700)
  • Increased AT Mine blast to 8.5 meters, scaled (was 8 unscaled)
  • Decrased AP Mine detection radius to 4 meters (was 6)
  • Set Mine Limit to 800
  • Changed GoldenWrench to destroy mines
  • Decreased GoldenWrench swing rate by around 50%
  • Increased Minelayer ammo to 8 (was 5)
  • Increased V2 blast to 36 meters (was 30)
  • Moved APC to Tech Level 2
  • Moved Snipers to Tech Level 3
  • Moved Longbow to Tech Level 4
  • Moved Hind to Tech Level 4
  • Removed newline \n from all weapon names
  • Removed newline \n from all vehicle names
  • Added strings to all weapons that lacked them
  • Renamed Technician Tool to Repair Tool
  • Fixed Ctrl-3 radio command
  • Fixed Ctrl-Alt-0 radio command
  • Shortened preset names for many objects to under 12 for proxy purposes
  • Created "Z Powerups" for Zunnie- Captain, Mechanic, Medic, Rocket, Sniper, Spy, Tanya
  • Created unscripted "Z Powerups" as icons
  • Added clustered trees and new deciduous forest trees
  • Replaced many conventional single trees on maps with clustered arrangements
  • Added Guard Tower as LE placed object
  • Reduced door activation zone size (you must get closer now)
  • Added several new strings for mapmakers
  • Adjusted Civ_Cannon settings to remove stealth and correct exit zones
  • Removed 'cover' from Purchase Terminals (you cannot hide against them to avoid damage)
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    Cool update .


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    LOL WUT?

    (about the Silo Destruction video)

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    WOO HOO!

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    Wait, the shcok troopers has a secondary fire..? I was kind of wondering that, but I kind of concluded for myself that both right and left mouse button fire was identical.

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    play on beta, empty servers :<

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    Not really... The main server is mostly filled.

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    Chronojam Author

    If you are playing 1.4 you will not find anybody to play with because everybody else is playing 2.0 and we've got no incentive to support the older version. We supported the older version by releasing a new version :V

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    I love it and my 4 Freinds love it too ^^

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    sorry for dubble post
    Your dev Team and the Dev Team of

    must be in future one team ^^

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    you guys must use the models and the scale they are in the pics to make a red alert rts game, that would be so, so, so, so, so, so....... SO, SO, SO AWSOME!!!!! it really would be.

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    Don't Increase A-Bomb damage,it could not kill a CY in RA!!!!!!!
    Don't Increase A-Bomb damage,it could not kill a CY in RA!!!!!!!
    Don't Increase A-Bomb damage,it could not kill a CY in RA!!!!!!!

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    I'm a little confused on two of the bullets in the list:
    •Created "Z Powerups" for Zunnie- Captain, Mechanic, Medic, Rocket, Sniper, Spy, Tanya
    •Created unscripted "Z Powerups" as icons
    What are these "powerups"? Are they to give Zunnie some kind of advantage or...?

    I was hoping for the thief to be able to steal vehicles, though:
    •Added new vehicle theft logic to Thief (a new ability)

    Looking forward to it! *drools on keyboard*

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