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No news for months ... I owe you an explanation...

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Hello there. yes this is the last few months nothing happens, nothing happens, no news, no nothing ... progress
What for?
Simply because my level and my experience in modding are not that far forward enough to continue.
I do not know how to create engine, injector, even add other filter. So I drank a place where my knowledge is not sufficient to continue. The current version will remain my final...

To remember:
I am alone on the project and I have no outside help. I hope the replacement mod please as it is ... if you have suggestions for change or make such a correction, not hesitate to let me know. I could always change.
I do not know bring another element, but I can change those already in place.

For those who were waiting for a sequel I hope not to disappoint you but I am frankly at the foot of the wall and alone...

In any case, thank you for the support you have given me and I hope you continue to download and enjoy it, and talk about you especially. Maybe one day if new items arrive and if my level of knowledge increases with time, maybe I will go out a new version ... who knows?

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