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So here is another update just to keep you guys in the loop.

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Ok everyone I know it seems at times that this mod is dead or dying but I can guarantee you that it isn't. I'm currently working on bugs in the Iron Curtain and the Orbital Dump aswell as doing my very best to create models for new units.
I am incredibly new to 3D modelling and it is taking me a while to get to grips with how I go about it all. I have posted a couple of pictures of units that I am working on including the most recent which is the CABAL Core Defender. It will take a while to sort out because I then have to work out how to make more complex animations for them.
Some models that I needed I have managed to find online as free to use versions that don't have animations which has cut down a fair bit of work for me. I still need to animate those aswell though >.< I want to thank you all for watching and not giving up on me. For a one man team I would hope that I am doing quite well so far considering how many changes I am making to Kane's Wrath. Especially as there doesn't seem to be that much in the way of mods for KW at all.
So far the models I have to work on are;

CABAL Core Defender
Dr Robotnik
Megazoid Battle Tank (needs skinning)
Sgt Onslaught

Particle FX I need to work out;

Proton Collider hit FX
Vacuum Imploder vacuum effect
Nano-core build FX

Upgrades and special powers;

Multi-gunner upgrades
Iron Curtain
Orbital Dump/Downpour
Seed red tiberium
Seed black tiberium

Units that need coding/voices/sounds;

Zeroid squad (replaces C13 rocket squad)
Hurley Scrin Scarab (replaces Eradicator)
Peace Keepers
All CnC 4 units

That is what I am currently working on. Although the modelling is taking priority at the moment. If anyone can help out with the particle FX I would be very grateful as I have almost no idea what I am doing with them.


You're the first person to bring in a CABAL epic unit called the Core Defender.

As for the Hurley Scrin Scraab, do you have a screenshot image for that yet?

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