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A short but sweet update regarding the development of Ignarus.

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Hey there everybody, it is I, Kudaaj!! I am alive and well, It's been quite some time!... man oh man, I've been busy..not only with the game, but with a new job,
It unfortunatley just means the game is going to take a little longer than expected.. There is some pros to this though. I feel as if I will put more thought in to story line progression and come up with more genuine ideas/puzzles while I get small bursts of breaks in between work and my game developing.
On top of that, I will be making money to have more custom things such as scripts and sprites and artwork for the game. :D

- Update Info -
Changed "Jump spots" and "Hidden Items" mechanic - Rather than being visually on screen with a star, they are now visible with a "?" as you walk near them.
Enemy Balancing for demo.
Major Dialogue changes.
New equipment to be found in demo.
Story progress
Stamina re-implemented for combat, not sprint.
New areas/Maps in progress.

New skills with mechanics being implemented -
Arctic Frost
Haste (Debating)
Tenebris Blade

The demo is nearing it's final version! It will be available soon!

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