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I just moved to my new house, so for the past couple days I've been unable to work, but I did get some stuff done at the start of the week.

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So as the summary stated, I didn't get an amazing amount done, I have been preoccupied with moving, and the trend will continue through this week, but I did get a fair amount done. Let's get into that.

First off, I added more chunks to the cave generator, making for more possibilities of levels. Second, and this is a big one, enemies with guns can drop guns, and enemies without guns can drop items. About a 10% for the guns, and 5% for an item every kill. Now you're not stuck with the pistol. A less notable mention would be the fact that settings now save and load so you don't need to set them every time you load the game up.

A point earning system has been implemented as well, and I was going to settle for no run-of-the-mill get coins point system. No, every enemy has an amount of points they are worth, and when you kill them, you get that amount of points times the current point multiplier. The point multiplier starts off at 1 and increases by 0.25 every time you kill an enemy, and goes back to 1 the second you get hit -- Makes point multipliers hard to keep but ever so rewarding.

This bit has not yet been implemented, but this is what is planned for the point system. The points will stay with you every run in your account, which you can then spend on possibly power ups, hats, or maybe even unlocking new guns for runs. Tell me what you want to see in the point shop. And just for clarification, there will be NO IAPs. You can only earn points in game. And the save file is encrypted.

I've started on the OST and plan to make it entirely by my self, but I do have some friends that can do that if I can't. So I will try to make an original OST, but if something happens and I can't, I know a few CC3.0 sound places where I can get some.

And last but not least, you can take damage now. Right now, when you die the game just restarts. When the campaign is more far along, I will change that.

Anyway, that's it for this week (And two days), I'll see everyone next week.

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