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So I have yet another poll for you guys (please also make sure you take a look on the old poll in your free time):

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So I have yet another poll for you guys (please also make sure you take a look on the old poll in your free time):

Zone Juggernaut:
CNC4 Juggernaut Render

command and conquer 4 experience

so I originally wanted to leave this unit as easter egg till the spin-off mod

as it will ruin ZOCOM uniqueness imo by simply adding them what they lack (despite the fact I gave them and any other GDI's related-faction in the game the option to use pitbull as weak artillery after upgrade) , but I realized something: People don't realized I added this option to the pitbull or just don't uses pitbull that much in late game.

that made me reconsider if to add this unit to ZOCOM (after few edits that it),
So what do you think? add it in price of losing uniqueness? or keep it out as easter egg (btw some of you can test it out in the current released build if you know how to train it, and tell me what you think about it ingame)

Poll time:

1. Add it! ZOCOM are the weakest when it come to artillery!

2. Don't add it! are you nuts? they be OP with all of their sonics and planes!

3. Add it after all, but weak the hell out of it so it will be the weaker juggernaut from the three.



So some people told me they wanted to see the C&C4 firehawk in the game, my problem was that I didn't had any rule for this guy, I thought I may add it as easter egg or as plane that will serve the GDI's air carrier ship in the naval expansion I plan to Try and add.

But then I rethink about old idea I had and thought it may work (i discarded it for being OP last time),
Adding this plane as supportive plane that only shoot emp rays, It sound annoy and OP but with the fake unit cap-like that most GDI planes have, the player won't be able to spam them too easy, also if i make them tir3 supportive planes they could serve Zocom pretty well in late game, Think about it: You EMP'd some unit in similar style the RA3's Rocket angel does, and meanwhile send Shatter or plane like the orca to finish the job, that alone can give unique gameplay to ZOCOM.

Of course the plane will need to be pretty weak so people can get rid of it pretty fast but that the general idea, what you think?

Oh and if you wondered why I want to uses the firework model for it, it pretty simple, if you look on older sketch of the TT's firehawk you will notice that EA hint that plane was supposed to be called Condor and was supposed to be supportive plane (though they may meant it was planned for the supportive class), I would like to say this plane was never supposed to be the new firehawk but I truly am don't know if it was supposed to be the new main bomber or just supportive plane that relate to the firework family.

CnC4 GDICondor

Therefore I will prefer to call the new unit Condor but since there's no unit's voices of any unit in C&C4 that say that name I may need to go with other name like Paladin, unless someone is willing to VA it (If someome does, contact me)

Poll time:

1. Add it to ZOCOM! they need more stuff!

2. Don't add it, You went insane?! that thing can still be OP!

BTW you can also answer the poll here:

and see the updated changelog here:

egozi44 Author
egozi44 - - 2,229 comments

Seems like I've forgot something basic :0

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monstertaimer - - 60 comments

You're still modding? Nice :D

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Radu273 - - 1,498 comments

All c&c 4 units are cool. And it will be way better if you can add them in c&c3;

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