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Here's another update on the current status of the game.

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I've been doing a lot of thinking, and i have come up with some clever things. Of coarse i cannot tell you what they are, because they are part of what will make this game part of your horror collection forever. What i CAN tell you is that these things will not scare you in the same sense other horrors we know do. I've found small ways to create fear elements that seem to physically and psychologically affect you. These ways work because of the anticipation of a persons thoughts and expectations when put into a specific situation. Although i cannot compensate for the infinite amount of possible reactions players will have, i can do enough to catch most. The game is near completion, but there is still no deadline. I'm working as fast as i can, and as carefully as i can. I would like to remind you all that this game is simple. As the player, you are given nothing but the motion control of the character. That's it. The demo available demonstrates that well, but does not demonstrate the true experience of the game.

Anyway, I will post a few screenshots here and there. As well as a wallpaper or two. I will also we updating much more frequently as the game enters its final stages. Check back often!


***A major note i would like to add is that there will not be another demo release. This is because the game itself has been beefed up enough that if i release a demo in its current state, it would reveal too much. What i WILL do is complete the game, create a backup file, then work backwards removing things to create another demo. I will then release the priced game and the updated demo at the same time.***

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