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Most recent improvements / optimisations for TK 2.ZERO

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Not much for you guys to read in this update but none the less theres been some tweaks players of the previous beta will likely be glad to hear. Based on feedback I've got I fixed the particle problems being reported with the m209 grenade explosion (game temporarily freezing) and tweaked the red explosive barrel particles so any freezing they cause are very minimal. In addition to some moved level changers I'll also be adding a new level changer at the NPP so players can move back to Pripyat.

Theres been some other minor fixes as well for a few purchasable items where I just simply forgot to add them. Things you will want to keep a sharp eye out for are "Streloks Suit", "Elite Exoskeleton" and the "Skat 9M PSY". Don't expect them to be cheap though ;)

Lasty making a bit more of a regular appearance are helicopters, not necessarily to attack or do anything, but just to make some areas more convincing. One example is in Cordon. With a constant Military presence and outpost, its reasonable to think the military would have some kind of air surveillance. Things are certainly hotting up and I hope to have the new beta ready soon!


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