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So added better m16 models like the one they used in the war, added the m14. Now the big part of the updated tanks I added M24, M48A1, T34 and the T54 it was such a pain to figure out how to add them and get them working but I did planning one fixing some stuff with the tanks Stats, weapon systems ect. gonaa change the stats of weapons and health too going for me realism.

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List of planned/already done features
-Unit models 100% done
-Weapons models 70% done
-Weapon mechanics 68% done (They now fire!!!!)
-Vehicles 35% done (Tanks are in there and somewhat working)
-Maps 0% done
-Conquest 0% done -Paratrooper drop request 0% done (for conquest mode)
-Port to Gates Of Hell 0% done
-Maps for MP 0% done
-MP mode 0% done
Will add more things to the list as I think of them.

Looking for people to help with the mod

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