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A small update regarding the status of Beta 5 plus some screenshots.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for anyone staying on board with Beta 5, progress has been good but in recent weeks there was a slight delay due to some personal issues in my life and a really bad case of the flu which have prevented me from working on the mod.

Regardless, the mod is still on schedule and release will come soon although I still cannot give you a release date since there is a very significant issue I want to be sure of before I make any promises. Right now Beta 5 is finished at around 80% with its objectives. The OOB's should be done, the tech tree is also done (at least for the Beta 5 version as future versions will make changes and additions to it) and so are the units.

The only thing remaining now are the AI files, for Beta 5 to work properly the AI needs to be aware of the new units and techs introduced into the game otherwise it will neither build the units or research the new techs.

Hopefully I will be able to provide a release date soon and all of you can finally enjoy the changes and additions Beta 5 has introduced into the mod.

For now, enjoy these screenshots and as always remember: none of this is final and that certainly is the case with unit stats.

(click on images for a larger version)

Beta 5 Devision BuilderBeta 5 Naval BuilderBeta 5 Tech Tree


This looks very good:)especially the new IFV, but what is with the mountain Infantry?

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Looks great! Amazing job, i wish i could help somehow. The unit screen looks amazing. But, is the tech tree final? And under each category, there are these 3 squares, does each of them contain more techs?

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