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New sprites finished, pre-orders soon, and other info in an update for Anodyne, a 2D Link's Awakening-like adventure.

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Hi all, Sean here again - this past week:

  1. Jon finished a lot of the spriting and NPCs. The spriting should hopefully be finished soon, as well as the dialogue, and then we'll be done! After some testing.
  2. I also may or may not have done some super secret stuff, as well. I can't say anything about it, though...
  3. I spent a bit working on a long retrospective blog post on my past 16 months of game development. It has some on info on how I went from small Ludum Dare games to this, so maybe it could be interesting.
  4. I made sheet music for two songs, Fields and Windmill - they are one - the solo piano music is here, and you can listen to the song here.
  5. I also figured out pre-orders, so expect those to arrive soon. It will be $7 for the game, $3 for the soundtrack, probably. On release, $8 and $4, then after no sales, $10 and $5.
  6. I don't know if I mentioned this, but Anodyne has a tumblr, so if you use tumblr, feel free to follow.
  7. Also, our Greenlight page is really lacking love, so maybe give it an upvote or share it with some friends? Holiday cheer for all!

Have some screenshots. That's about it!
- Sean


Voting on Greenlight right this minute. Glad to hear pre-orders are coming. I think this will be a bit of a sleeper hit.

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Looks amazing! I can't wait for your release, good luck and hope everything goes according to your schedule.

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Voted & twitted , good luck for the game.

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seagaia Author

Thanks you guys!

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