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Hurricane 2D, the sequel to my 2005 game no one has ever heard of!

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Hey everyone! I'll try and keep this as brief as I can, but I'm here to announce my new game, Hurricane 2D! Yay!

Back Story

So you might've read the summary and you're now wondering what game this is a sequel to. Well wonder now longer for it is a sequel to this game: Hurricane

From around 2001 to 2007 I was huge into BYOND, and arguably my most popular game was Hurricane. The premise is simple: a hurricane is coming and you must construct a shelter to survive it. The only things you as a player had to worry about was managing your crafting materials, welder fuel, your health and temperature. You'd construct a shelter, sit snugly and try repair when needed. Failure to do so meant either dying to flying debris, burning alive due to electrical fire, or drowning due to going into hypothermic shock while a flood was underway.

The original game from 2005. Being that the engine was strictly 2D, darkening the environment was done via dithering. (Source)

The premise was simple but it had a serious flaw: what do you do while waiting? Well BYOND answered that as all games on it are multiplayer by nature. So you'd converse with friends and such. But I wanted more to happen; I wanted players to feel engaged and challenged all the time. To do that I needed to get off of BYOND and use another engine. And thus...


Back when Unity Indie went free (2009?) I immediately saw it as an opportunity to remake Hurricane into something better, but I decided to sit back and learn the engine before doing so. Then in late 2012 I finally began working on it! My goal was and is to create the same experience but make it harder and more challenging throughout. Simply put I never want there to be a dull moment during a play-through. I began thinking about it and here is what I came up with:

(Note - These points will reference the original game, as such I will fill in the blanks for those that don't know what I'm referring to.)

  • Health is no longer universal. Your arms, legs and head each have an individual health associated to them. You can only die if your head reaches 0%, but your bones will break in the other limbs. This will have dire consequences to you. Broken legs will impair movement, and broken arms will hinder your ability to repair and build. Simply put you will always be managing your health.

  • Fires will now be caused via lightning strikes and happen sporadically (in the original game they acted just like floods).
  • Floods will now occur more than once, but in much smaller bursts. The idea for this is that it will punish players for not patching holes. In addition floods will no longer fill the entire map, just areas near the player. Floods can also put out fires.
  • The wind will now change direction periodically. This will prevent players from building cross or X-shaped structures and living with impunity against flying debris. You'll have to learn to build dynamic structures (muahahaha).
  • There will be more buildable objects. The original game had three, but really only two: Walls, grills, and windows. Windows were all but useless, and grills were durable but floods and fire could get through. So you really only had walls to build, and you'd place grills on top of them. I'm hoping to rectify this in Hurricane 2D. Currently there are 4 build-able walls, each with a specific and useful purpose. My goal is to have 5 on launch, with possibly more added at a later point.
  • Finally, as hinted at you will have options at micromanaging your health. But in order to do so you will have to look away from your structure. So it's extremely risky to do.

There are, of course, more changes, but those are the big ones.

This game has been long in the making so I hope you all look forward to it as much as I have been looking forward to making it for all of these years. I have a planned kickstarter campaign once the game hits a certain point, so also look forward to that in the near future too!

Thank you for your time; I will answer any and all questions posed in the comments!



wow finally! by far my favorite BYOND game. i'm glad you're picking it up again and i'm looking forward playing the new version of hurricane!

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wbokunic Author


Just note that this game will be single-player only. I'm thinking that, if this game does well enough, the sequel to it will definitely be multi-player again. Not to say that this game won't have content added post-launch though.

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it's good to start fresh again. you'll get the chance to renew the fanbase this concept deserves! I still miss how busy the servers on the BYOND version were when it became popular :P I tried to play it alone a while ago but i think that version was build with multiplayer in mind, so i'm looking forward to how you are going to remake this game with just singleplayer in mind.

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