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The first news post made on The 3rd Age forums in July.

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Nertea wrote: When I officially cancelled the mod (Rhovanion Alliance) a couple of months ago, I mentioned that we would be trying to work towards a limited release of the mod. After some thought, it became quite clear that of our close-to-finished stuff, the Dwarves were the most unique and well, basically the original foundation of the mod. When releasing anything, we would certainly include them.

This is what is going to happen. The remaining team will work on releasing a fully-featured Dwarf faction, in the style of the Elven Alliance mod. We call this project The Dwarf Holds.

You might be wondering about the other plans we had for the Rhovanion Alliance - features like minifactions, revisions to the original factions, all the other art we did. We plan on eventually including some of this in The Dwarf Holds, in particular we will use our large library of art assets to redo the graphics of existing units in the Gondor, Rohan, Mordor and Isengard factions. However, minifactions will not be included.

In terms of release date, as usual, I can't give one. However I dearly hope that we will be able to push a functional, fun to play beta out by the end of summer. We're sort of hampered by there being an insane amount of work left for the few people left working on the mod (me, Matias, m@tt, mike, Lauri and Sûlherokhh in an assistant posistion), but we will do our best. One of the ways in which we'll accomplish this is by working on a tiered release schedule; the first beta release will not necessarily include everything and a few very complex units we plan to have in the mod may be delayed to later versions. This will give us more time to polish the whole project and not release a rushed, incomplete version of the mod.

I'll leave off with some screenshots of our current alpha version. I'll try to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.


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