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Super Happy Singh is an 3d adventure platformer puzzle solving game where you are playing as Happy Singh inside a Jungle. Each level is actually a maze puzzle and you have to find your way out through angry monkeys and deadly cacti plants. The twist is, in every level there are some locked areas, and you have to search the appropriate key to unlock and advance. Its a perfect game for kids and adults alike...

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About the Game
Super Happy Singh is an indie game made by Games by Shri (@GamesbyShri), a Bharat (India) based game dev studio. Its an 3d adventure platformer where Happy Singh has to get out of the Jungle using his running and jumping skills. There are angry monkeys who will beat Happy Singh if he comes near them. There are deadly cacti plants who can give Happy Singh very painful blows. Each level is a quest to find keys to unlock further areas. To win, you have to unlock the Golden lock at the end of each level.

Release date and news
Super Happy Singh will be released on 26 November 2014 on desura. For more news you can like our facebook page, or follow us on twitter.

What makes this game unique
Each level is a 3d maze puzzle itself, with a handy arrow guiding you towards the exit. Plus you have to manually remember 'which path I took last time', and sometimes you have to guess whether this is the correct path or not. In later levels, more and more AI monkeys will make the game more difficult. Keep in touch with Super Happy Singh

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