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Goblin Hammer Games is officially revealing their first game Harvest Hands! Harvest Hands is an upcoming farming life game, where you as the apprentice farmer can cultivate crops and build on your farm, make friends with and do jobs for the local townsfolk and explore an expansive and vibrant world.

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The team here at Goblin Hammer Games have been hard at work over the past few month, and are finally ready to reveal the fruits of our labor.

Harvest Hands is a first person farm life game, where you the player as the apprentice farmer, set out on an epic quest to unravel the mysteries of the land and of the master farmer's disappearance.
Cultivate crops, do jobs for the local townsfolk, explore an expansive world and with the help of your friends bring the master farmer home.

Master and grow countless crops and plants
Collect and harvest a plethora of resources and items
Construct facilities on and decorate your farm however you please
Upgrade and collect your tools to harvest and collect better produce and resources
Make friends with a village full of townsfolk, and do jobs for them to get unique items and rewards
Explore a expansive and diverse world, and uncover the mysteries of the land

Harvest Hands is set for a release in the second half of 2018, for windows PC through Steam.

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