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Final Fantasy Tactics: Rebirth, a modification for Squaresoft’s PSOne classic, Final Fantasy Tactics will be released on December 19th, 2010. FFT: Rebirth features a slew of rebalancing from base mechanics like speed, to an overhaul of all encounters, monsters, and classes. A mod recommended for any who have played Final Fantasy Tactics before and would like to relive the game with a few new twists.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: Rebirth (FFT: Rebirth) is modification for the PSOne classic Final Fantasy Tactics, originally created by Squaresoft. FFT: Rebirth will be available on December 19th, 2010 after almost a year of creation and testing. This modification features an extensive rebalancing to Final Fantasy Tactics - introducing a new class, overhauling many of the old classes, altering special characters, and re-imagining almost all the games encounters. A complete list of features and a changelog are available at the Nexus-Studios website at

Graphics wise the mod contains a few new sprites and recolors of many of the original class sprites. If there has been a significant change to a character or class then that character will look visually different – marking that changes have been made.

The target audience of this modification is players who have already played Final Fantasy Tactics before and have loved the game but were disappointed by some serious balance oversights which resulted in many characters and classes being completely useless. FFT: Rebirth does feature slightly higher difficulty but does not approach the masochism seen in other FFT mods such as FFT v1.3. Some battles may take a few tries but overall the encounters should be refreshing rather frustrating. Here is an example battle of an increased difficulty storyline battles:

The mod will be available in two versions, an ISO only download from mirrored by ModDB and a full installer with emulator available from the Nexus-Studios main website.


Oh, my, GOD!

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A ROM only download? There are no ROMs for a PSX game. Maybe you are talking about an ISO of the full game. In any case its illegal to distribute it online. Same for the installer if it includes the game...
Since you were able to hack the game you must know about things like ppf or other patchformats.
Support the company of the game and make it a patch-only release.

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Rodman49 Author

@ RetroHelix

Thank you for pointing out the error in terminology. You are correct, ROM generally refers to the older games based on Read Only Memory rather than optical memory. I have made the corresponding change in the news post.

For distribution questions please see the FAQ page located at

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