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Melee only fighting in Unreal Gold. Want more Unreal but another challenge other then guns? Then Brawl to Unreal would add something new to the Unreal Gold games with fist fighting.

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Many would know me for making Salvage Storm, a complete total conversion mod for Unreal Gold. while I've been working on that for years, I've learnt what works and what doesn't however it will take alot of time for me to finish that mod. In the mean time, I have created to announce that I'm working on another mod that maybe hardcore fans and even new players of Unreal would enjoy and would strongly relate too. So Announcing Brawl to Unreal, a melee only campaign of Unreal, where the player would use their fists. Not only would this completely change Unreal's experience, this will also allow the game to do completely different things that would work. More on that later.

Not only will prisoner 849 be using their fists, the monsters are tweaked to attack melee only. Since all the code is already there, the code has been duplicated and stripped down to allow melee only attacks from the monsters. the movie shows the original creatures and the modded version creatures. The modded version only attack melees and I am working maybe to re-make some enemies not to have guns since I have the assets to do so when I make the content for it. More on that some other time.

brawl version files

Some files already working on to get that effect.

Brawling Concept Art

Fist are hard to make, hopefully the game would look like this,..

Brawling Concept Art

... and the player would be able to do this. Hopefully it would be a fair fight. I plan to use all the assets I have available to make the mod work, everything from coding, modelling and mapping. The mapping will be useful already because it already feels like some areas aren't being used. Since it's a shooting game, the maps were designed to have rockets and bullets fired across them, so fist fighting doesn't really use much of the arena styled maps, so mapping new areas will break the pace and give something new for the player while adding and changing the campaign to the original new world for example. Fist fighting in Unreal Gold changes everything but it keeps it looking like Unreal and feeling like Unreal. Why it's fist fighting only, who knows, like the original Unreal game, we don't know why Prisoner 849 can armed themselves with guns and shoot their way out of situations, so why not a fist melee only campaign?! I think this will look interesting.

Hands modeled

The set of hands I have when I was making another one of my mods.

Hand models are difficult to make so it will take some time but it will be worth putting them into the game and be used as an entire campaign when I get them in and textured like the models usually found Unreal. I still have my hands model from when I was making my other mod Salvage Storm, so I get to show off how important it is to model hands for any mod, not just this brawling mod. It should hopefully look like Unreal with a punching feature and I will many more mechanics which could (and maybe will) work with what is in Unreal like the ammo count as a stamina meter for example and the alternative fire being a more powerful just risky punch, so I can't wait to getting to make and show that.

Also for watchers on the content that was here on this module of the website, I've relocated Salvagenaut to Salvage Storm, the control for Salvagenaut will be filed as chapter in that mod since Steam greenlit that mod, because I'm filing mods but not finishing them, so I want to clean up the pages and content and re-file them. I've relocated the news from this module about Salvagenaut to the Salvage Storm module:

I hope that helps. Hopefully this mod will look alot like Unreal but different enough to be considered content that worth playing alongside Unreal Gold.

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