Post news RSS Announcing Alinor: The Eternal Paradise, a project taking you to The Summerset Isles.

Announcing Alinor: The Eternal Paradise, a project taking you to The Summerset Isles.

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As nations rise and fall around us...we thrive. As you pick at the scraps of your dying kingdoms...we thrive. Though surrounded by enemies within and without, we thrive!

For there is a place that is still our own. A land of magic and secrets. A nation of artists and scholars. A paradise for the passionate mind.

On these sacred isles, our way of life continues, uninterrupted, as the world burns around us.

So rejoice, invaders, revel in the glory of our Dominion, for soon it will spread across the world.

We are Alinor: The Eternal Paradise, an ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ modding project aiming to create the High Elf province of the Summerset Isles, now known as Alinor. We have been hard at work creating a truly unique experience within the Elder Scrolls universe - a province with a distinct and alien culture, and to portray a people living amidst the aftermath of drastic social and political change, brought about by the new rulers of Alinor - the totalitarian Thalmor.

We aim to bring you both the island of Auridon and mainland Alinor in a large worldspace. Many have called The Isles home before, and we plan to show you a land steeped in rich history ripe for discovery. Varying biomes from coast to coast, with all manner of unique flora and fauna designed to feel unique, yet still feel like the Elder Scrolls world you know and love. From the vibrant port city of Firsthold to the awe inspiring glory of the city of Alinor, our mod will feature cities like you have never seen them before in TES:V.

You can find some of our work so far on our Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as our community server, Nirn Uncharted; a collection of new lands mod projects for TES:V, many of which aim to eventually join Beyond Skyrim, including ourselves. (All links below)

We have been going strong for over 2 years, with around 100 active members in varying departments from 2D and 3D to writing and level design. Working with prominent Skyrim modding projects, we have designed our mod to be consistent with both the lore you’re familiar with and the lore you’re yet to be introduced to. We have been working hard to design, create, and implement the vast amount of unique assets that we have planned to do this region justice.

We’re always looking for more hands to help us bring to life our vision! If you’re interested in working with a passionate team to bring this world to fruition, send us an application using the link below!

Apply Here!



Nirn Uncharted (Community Discord Server)

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