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The REDS.. ARE HERE !!.. Check out what's coming in the new mod "THE REDS"!

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February 26, 2013,

Rumors about an invasion have been wondering for years now, but they weren't rumors, they weren't fairy tails, the invasion is truly here !

There is no time at all for pity nor for fun or mercy, get your ship loaded, get your guns ready, get your titans up and running, because this invasion is not any regular one. Billions of dead people will be left behind, millions of planets will be destroyed, un-inhabitable or owned by the reds in matter of months.

You have so much little time to prepare, the Reds have already finished designing and constructing one of their strong Capital ships (The Redhead).. (Check it out in the media section)..

The mod will be updating on a regular basis.

fearNO (I) will need any help that i can get (Designers, coding, programming, etc.. ) And ANY Ideas are very welcome, simply private message me or post in the mod page !

Thank you for checking out my mod.. !

Long live the reds!!! feaRNO, official Commander of the RAID! A true RED!

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