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Just some announcement and links to share. the link is for the new previews

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Ok, me and the second mod leader have been thinking, why release a version wich will take forever?
We came up with an idea.
The next comming release will not add any factions yet.
Instead we will have a new version of what we have, with alot of stuff added and redone.

Also with alot of bugs fixed.
The following bugs have been fixed.

The greek/Dacian ladies not haveing any relatives.
The start a new game error with lot of script failure.

What is bieng worked on right now you ask?
well here is a little list.

Companions, We are writing thier story.
Lords, Not all of them are done yet so the last will be done. Like the scythian and britton lords.
Adding more Items
Adding Scenes and Making scenes.
Tournement equipment, (yes Finely!)
And some new Faction leaders are being picked.

The following bugs:
Not enough banners for heroes
A tournement error

For the version after this, We will add factions.
The Following factions will be added:

Iberia (Spain!)
Pontus (This might Change)
Thrace (this is a personal favorite xD)

I hope I have informed you all enough with this.
(Also keep posting posting your ideas!)

Preview of Factions
page 2 and 3


could we add some ladys becuase apparently there all taken in the game or you juss cant find anyxD

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dion1195 Author

Ladies you get in a feast in a city.

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