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An update will be availiable soon this fall (or winter if I encounter any technical issues). Read more here.

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Since it takes a long time to develop the game, it will be splitted into two parts (I’ll refer these as discs). The first disc includes portion of the story, picking up where the prologue (featured in the demo) picked up up until the point where the second disc picks up. New characters new plot elements and more are coming this fall (or winter if there are issues that need more time to be resolved).

Along with this, the following changes will also be applied:

-New Saving system, smaller file size, better compatibility and designed with Windows NT (Windows XP and up) architecture in mind (your save files are not accesed by other users in the same computer).

-Performance Improvements.

-Mouse Support (currently in menus only).

-Beefed up Gus.

-Enemies are now 25% more skilled.

-Smaller Space Consumption (more space for your stuff!).

-Battle system tweaks.

-Improved tutorial.

-And more (along with bugfixes).

It will be availiable on IndieDB, Gamejolt and on the Steam Workshop. Stay tuned!

NOTE: Save files from the demo are not compatible with the save files from Disc 1 Update onwards. I apologize for this inconvinience.

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