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This is to tell you who we are, what we want to achieve, what we want Colonies to achieve and the Raw features we plan to have implemented into the game.

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We are a Two-Man Indie team known as "The Core Gaming Australia" Our goal is to shoot high in the Industry and make AAA Independent titles that are not just entertaining for 8 year olds, We design high-capacity, advanced, Action filled Games and have been practicing doing so since 2010.

Our very first project was Fallout Online: Australia. Unfortunately, the fanbase for the project had died recently and we have begun our next series.

My name is Matt Grant. Im the Founder and Lead Programmer in the Team.
My Team-Mate is Will Brosch, he is the Co-Founder, Lead 3D Artist and Musician.


We Make AAA Indies On the PC, For PC. From Fans for Fans.

Colonies is an Ambitious project that we have concepted, what we want to achieve is an extremely entertaining experience that is conducted with a Strong Storyline and open-world scenario.

This game might Rustle your Jimmies!

We don't like to Spoil storyline. But we can tell you the lead-in to your position.

You are the leader of a group of people who had left a Civilization in the hope of finding a safe haven, This occurs during the break-out of a Global War. You are on a Planet called Erde, Its leading nations had been holding back from war, but building up massive superweapons for over 200 years. One "Particular" Event sparked the conflict to become very real, Every nation had large Nuclear Arsenals, Biological weapons and other secret devices that had lead to the fall of Erdes planetary life.

You and your people had left to a small nation in the center of the Great Sea. Untouched by people other than yourselves It would have to be the birthplace of a new Civilization. however, you have not retained many technologies from Civilization before the war. You must develop it again. or find it in the ruins.. But the Ruins hold secret Dangers...


You will run a small civilization that develops from a Western/Steampunk age, and progresses to eventually being able to build Spacecraft to explore your local solar system.

The Game features many enemy types. Due to the effects of the War.
Nuclear Weapons caused mass-mutation and this had caused the generation of a new species of mutant creatures, Large but stupid. They present themselves as quite the enemy.

Biological weapons created strain of Airborne rabies, leading to what is recognised as a Zombie-Type apocalypse. There are two strains of the virus, one created slow. "Mindless" Zombies that just wanted brains..

The Second strand created a much more intelligent, super-fast breed of creatures. that would be recognized as Vampires. Super-Strong, resilient and dangerous.

A Small Alien Group also found the planet to be beaten down to a "Defenseless" position, they had begun harvesting raw materials from different regions of the planet.,

You will be fighting.

This experience is accompanied by the players ability to move around to different regions of the planet, set up outposts and colonies. in order to explore, find technology or attain more resources.
They will encounter these species and will have to fight them however they can.

Researching weapons, customizing units ( Example: Missles on the back of a horse and carriage )

There is much more planned and it will be added to the list later!

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