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Just a quick mention of Testing round 1 and when it starts, along with several other important things you need to know!

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Hello Everyone !

I'm here to announce the "Testing" Round 1 setup! This will be the "What to expect" and "What you shouldn't" expect kind of post (along with a few images to show you what your getting into)

First off, We kind of rushed into the First round testing, so there is going to be missing content!

We will NOT be posting a download link here, the only way to obtain one, is IF you confirmed your spot on our site! Haven't done that yet? Well get to it!
Note please follow the required steps (The ones that don't say optional) As if you DO NOT (Such as not making an account) you will not receive the email with a download link to our client!

We may also make a Post on our Facebook Page, but at this time we are unsure if this will happen or not!

Things you should probably be expecting:

  1. Options menu
  2. Basic Gameplay
  3. Bugs
  4. Monsters
  5. (Some) parameter setup (Maybe only if we manage to finish it before launch)
  6. Game errors
  7. Unfinished Content
  8. Unfinished Features
  9. Scrambled together bugs
  10. Working Full Screen Mode

Things you should not expect to see:

  1. Excessive use of "Psychological and Stability" Feature
  2. Full access to State of Grey
  3. Certain Bug Fixes (Like the monster in the beginning for movement)
  4. Ability to play Past Scene 1
  5. 100% scripted Interactions
  6. 100% map completion
  7. Fully Accessible Puzzles
  8. 100% scripted Animations
  9. Certain other things you will probably find out

Their are certain areas of the game that "Call" and will display text for you to let you know we are aware of that particular bug/error So you wont need to worry about that!

This wont be an exact "Super exciting" Release this is mainly to check the map work so you cant walk up walls, walk through objects, etc. If you don't wish to partake in that, you don't have to. We really do appreciate the support though so please, subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook etc. Some areas you will be exploring:

Home and Home First Floor
other spots:

  • Castle(Dream) town
    - This town is left unfinished but you can explor it none the less

The Church:
This is also a unfinished building, its set up to progress the story, however the story has not made it this far yet! Some more buildings are:

  • Church Courtyard
  • And a attacked room

Their may be other areas, but these are the main ones.Monster Appearance will be minimal, you will see him mainly near the beginning, but he will mainly leave you alone, so you can have fun bug testing.
DO note: This testing run will be for bugs, Testing round 2 will be over the same scene, but it will test features! (Sorry for the inconvenience) it may also leak into scene 2! (Maybe ;) ) We love to hear feedback! Here are some what you can do and what you cant for the Tester Round 1:What you can do:

  • Share images
  • Share videos
  • Release commentary
  • Share media
  • Let someone else play from your computer
  • Abide by our terms of use

What you can't:

  • Share game files
  • Leak your access key
  • Distribute any "Core" or "Minor" Game Coding
  • Please, it's a free game, we would appreciate as little leaking as possible until full release for one simple reason: We don't want people to base their review/opinion on a Simple non complete Alpha Test Round 1. We don't want to forge a bad name from a misconception of this being a "Full game release" The game will be FREE upon release, We are doing 1 - 4 PRIVATE testings and then we will launch a Public Alpha (or) Beta for everyone to enjoy.

That's really all I have for you guys right now. PLEASE read this, and please feel free to post ANY questions below. I will answer as many as possible! For now: Enjoy our new Trailer!

Official Trailer - Indie DB Thanks again! Stay Classy friends! Until Next time.
~Skyline Interactive Team

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