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Are you pre alpha yet? No? Well read on here to figure out how you can join out pre alpha team! Almost everyone will be guaranteed entry to our game! We just want to show our thanks for the support you all give to us!

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Hey guys! I would just like to throw out there we are opening registration for Pre Alpha! How do you get into pre alpha you say? Simple!

Just follow us on Twitter ( )and tweet to us "#IwantSoGAlpha @Skyline_int" in your tweet!

Don't use twitter? No problem! you can also use facebook to do the same! Just tag us in your post and and say IwantSoGAlpha!

Don't use facebook either? That's cool! Just become a watcher of our page here and send us a pm or comment below! (Unless you don't need to be a watcher to comment then just comment! Sorry were still new to indieDB! Unless you want to be a watcher of course ;) )

It really is that easy! Almost ALL of the watchers, followers and Facebookers will be given a alpha entry! It's just a matter of making sure we know who you are so we can get a rough count of our variety of testers!

Once again this is completely FREE no payment or charges will ever be made to play or use State of Grey in any form!

We hope to see those tweets, posts, and tags flowing to our devices! Thanks everyone for the support!

There is no ETA of the release of the alpha, and chances are the alpha will be REALLY short of an introduction to the first part of the game it self to give us the list of bugs being generated!

Where still waiting for the game itself to be placed onto our group... So stay tuned!

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