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About future mod updates and Classes... I will discuss the slow paced future updates problem and the 7 classes to be in 1918.

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I'll give you all a summery of 2 out of 8 classes, These will be in the initial alpha release (whenever that is of course lol).

Rifleman-(Unlimited player slot)
The main player class, the Rifleman class is the only class with unlimited player slot. They come in bulk and get the job done in a vast amount of number's. You can aim down your sights for a more accurate shot.
Primary: Gewehr 98 Bolt-Action Rifle
Secondary: Fix Bayonet
Gadget: 1x Stick Grenade 1917model and 1x Egg Smoke Grenade
Primary: M1903 Springfield Bolt-Action Rifle
Secondary: Fix Bayonet
Gadget: 1x Mk.II Defensive Fragmentation Grenade and 1x Mk.II Phosphorus (Smoke)

Support-(2/2 player slot)
The Support class plays a major role in the field of combat, being an LMG, the user can hip-fire or set up bi-pod, for improved accuracy and reduced recoil.
Primary: Madsen LMG
Secondary: Spade
Gadget: 2x Stick Grenade 1917model
Primary: M1918 BAR LMG
Secondary: Trench Knife
Gadget: 2x US Mk.II Defensive Fragmentation Grenade

7 default maps are planned for the mods release.
1918_BelleauWood_Obj (Objective) *WIP
1918_Marne_Dom (Domination)
1918_SaintMihiel_TE (Team Elimination)
1918_TheHouse_TE *WIP

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