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Here is the list of powerups that will ultimately be worked into and involved in LaserTag.

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Here is the list of powerups that will ultimately be worked into and involved in LaserTag.

List of announced/possible powerups for LaserTag.
-- Primary

  • x Accuracy - primary, makes the gun more accurate. Icon is a cross (weaponsight) with two arrows.
  • x Rapid Fire - primary, makes gun shoot way faster. Increase spread, lower kick, lower damage, automatic fire. Icon: Lots of bullets, three row repeated to make 9 bullets.
    -- Balance adjustments needed to make sure it's as good as the basic level weapon while providing a decent improvement over it.
  • x Vampire - steal 50% of the shield you damage with primary fire. On target death, 10% chance of stealing a powerup in a slot that isn't filled.
    TODO: steal powerups.
    x Icon: Face with big eyes, straight line mouth and pointy teeth.
    x Effect for sapping health, particle travel from one player to another change color in process.
    -- Balance adjustments needed to make sure health vamped is enough.
  • o Bounce - primary, lasers bounce on impact, up to 5 times. Icon is a laser bouncing off of the ground.
  • o Damage - primary, increased damage. Icon is an upwards pointing arrow.
  • o Penetrate - primary, laser penetrates people and walls, up to 5 times. Icon is a laser going through two walls.
  • o Chain - primary, when a laser hits an enemy it will chain to nearby teammates and cause 25% damage to them also. Icon is a circle of dots with a thinner line between them.

    -- Secondary

  • o Scope - Allows you to zoom in. The longer zoom in is held the further you zoom, release to stop zooming, click again to end zoom. Icon is cross (weaponsight) with rings around it
    - Also ups accuracy whilst scoped. Headshot multiplier increases slightly also. Refire is slowed. Change weapon sound to like a flaregun or something.
  • x Burst - a shotgun like burst from altfire. Icon is a bunch of lasers eminating from a single point in various directions.
  • o Bomb - a smg altfire like grenade thing that bounces once and explodes in the air. Icon is an explosion. A decent one. I know.
  • o Recharger - recharge teammate shields as well as your own. Icon is a swarm of plus icons.
  • x Rocket - Slow slow refire but delivers a good payload homing(aimable) rocket with splash damage. Icon is a rocket.
    - Knockback on hit, could be used for boosting etc.
  • o Rejector - Short range reasonable refire weapon that can be used to punt players (viewpunch them too) and boost from the ground upwards. Knocks you back too? Icon is a spring?
    - icon could be arrows pointing right from a circle instead. No, hand 'stop' icon.
  • o Turret - One use only placeable turret that sits wherever you put it and can be shot out. Rare. Icon is a box with a gun shooting bullets or something dunno.
    - models/combine_turrets/ground_turret.mdl
  • o Pepper - Shotgun like altfire but results in particles that hang in the air and cause damage to players that walk through them. Icon is a bunch of stars floating.
  • o Teleport - RARE. Balance/cheating issues. Allows you to teleport to where you're looking instantly. Icon is a faded player and a new player next to eachother with an arrow in between.
  • o ESP - Look through walls, fades out after 5 seconds of use. Refire is slow Players are given their shield glow but faded, overlay darkens view slightly. Icon is a player behind a wall.
  • o Proximity - Mine sits and explodes when somebody passes it. Refire is very slow. Icon ???
  • o Flash - Much like the Bomb powerup except it blinds players for 5 seconds if they're looking at it. Icon is sunglasses?
  • o Slasher - Laser knife, instant changes shield on backstab, 50 damage otherwise. Slow to swing.

    -- Player - Most of these run out after a certain period of time.

  • o Stealth - for 60 seconds, you are virtually invisible. Icon is a faded player, or shifty eyes with a dashed outline or something.
  • o ShieldUp - for 60 seconds, you have 200% shields, twice recharge rate and always recharge. You glow like a christmas tree also. Icon is a bunch of plusses.
  • o Run - for 60 seconds, you run crazy fast. Icon is a player with speed lines or blured back.
x denotes a completed powerup.
o denotes a planned powerup.
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